Dear colleagues! We invite you to take part in III Russian Gender Forum with International Participation "GENDER PARITY IN SCIENCE AND ITS DEVELOPMENT IN THE ERA OF DIGITALIZATION: IDEAS-SEARCH-PRACTICES".

Forum dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the development of sociology at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Venue: Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia, Leningradsky Prospekt, 55; «Airport» station, hall 213, (2th floor)

Date: the conference will be held on October 29, 2021 in a mixed mode.

Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Please use this link to register: http://www.fa.ru/org/dep/soc/News/2021-10-21-reg.aspx

The Forum will be devoted to the main subject of discussion – women scientists, their contribution and social potential to the development of various fields of scientific knowledge in the era of globalization and digitalization; integration of women in a new field of science and education in the development of new areas of Russian and world science; problems of science management, its effectiveness and support for development in difficult economic and epidemiological conditions, promising research in the field of science and education, evaluation of their use and implementation, with the involvement and motivation of young personnel in the education system and many other issues proposed for discussion at the Forum.

Our 3 Gender Forum is traditionally organized on the basis of the Scientific School "Gender and Economic Sociology" of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation with the support of the Research Committee "Gender Sociology" of the Russian Society of Sociologists under the leadership of Professor G.G. Sillaste.

The 3 Russian Gender Forum DESIGNED FOR ANALYZE:

  • implementation of the "National Strategy of Action for Women for 2017-2022", identify its reserves and determine the scientific trajectories of their development and implementation in social practice;

  • the sociogender potential of the development of Russian science, the integration of women scientists into various branches of scientific knowledge, their achievements in world and domestic science in a wide variety of sectors of the economy, culture and education, politics and management;

  • difficulties and social contradictions of the multi-role realization of women associated with their active participation in industrial, social, educational, social activities and family life;

  • prospects of sociogender academic educational mobility and scientific innovations of women scientists in the labour markets, employment, professions and educational services.

The main object of the Forum is wemen-scientists in the world of science, technics and technology of the XXI century, the socio-gender potential of the development of domestic science, economics and various fields of scientific knowledge, their relevance and practical application in the era of globalization and digitalization.

The generalized material and proposals of the Forum participants will be discussed on OCTOBER 30, 2021 at the Session of the Scientific and Practical Expert Council "Gender resources of Social development and the new gender order" and in the generalized form of PROPOSALS (RECOMMENDATIONS) have been sent to the relevant departments.

Forum format: plenary session, round tables, discussion panels, sections, all-Russian contest "Professional longevity of a modern teacher Edu ProfLife -2021, a youth analytical panel for bachelors and masters sections, discussion and round tables The Forum includes the following sections:


  1. Scientific multidimensionality of labor markets, employment, professions and educational services: what research shows to us and what practice requires (Moderator: Sillaste G.)

  2.  Balneology is a branch of scientific and practical knowledge in the health care of the population (Moderator: Nesivkina I.)

  3. Career strategies of women in the era of digitalization (Moderator:   Vasilenko L.)

  4. Modern socio-political processes in the gender dimension from the perspective of a scientist (Moderator: Milovanova M.)

  5. Educational, academic, social and professional mobility» (Moderator: Pismennaya E.)

Round tables:

  1. Intellectual cosmetology and longevity of female beauty" (Chief physician of FACE-Clinic, dermatocosmetologist E.B. Shchelkova);

  2. Dietetics: scientific approach and practical benefits (E. V. Semkina, nutritionist, Association "Assembly of Peoples of Russia");

  3. Student Case-championship on the topic;

  4. All-Russian contest "Professional longevity of a modern teacher Edu ProfLife -2021.

Discussion panels:  

  1. Women scientists and women's scientific communities in "soft diplomacy (moderator Tasmagambetova Damilya Suleimenovna - culturologist, director of the Production Center "Tomiris", expert on international relations, member of the Council for Nationalities under the Government of Moscow;)

  2. Women in science or women for science: what is the conflict of interests of family and profession?

Youth analytical panel

Youth - Science - technology" (Moderator: Vladimirov I.)

We invite you to participate in discussions in the following areas:

  • Science of the XXI century: innovation, continuity and commercialization

  • Evolution of women's rights to higher education: what is achieved and what is lost?

  • Russian and world science in women's faces and its associates

  • Science and education, everyday life and everyday life: how to realize your professional potential for a woman

  • Is it possible to manage science and for what?

  • Scientific schools in Russia: historical roots, evolution and social reality

  • How to form a young scientist and a talent pool in science?

  • The gender face of digitalization

  • Research market and forms of entrepreneurial activity

  • Scientific design in the technology market

  • Institute of Scientific Expertise in the Employment market and distribution of gender resources

  • Scientific communities as a form of sociogender activity development

  • Digital space and Internet communications in the gender dimension

  • Is gender equality or gender equality necessary for the development of science?

  • Science as a sphere of implementation of the principles of gender equality: progress, problems, contradictions

  • How is longevity achieved in science?

  • How to stay young despite the scientific rhythm and loads: intellectual cosmetology and other tools

  • Migration as a subject of social practice, scientific knowledge and regulation

  • Quality of life: a subject of interest, science and practice

  • Scientific gender landscape: Russian and country map

  • Achieving gender equality as one of the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Reproduction of gender resources in science and economics

Date: October 30, 2021(Saturday)10:00

Place: 49 Leningradsky Ave., Professorial Club and online format

Summing up the results of the 111 Russian Gender Forum with international participation.

Session of the Scientific and Practical Expert Council "Gender resources of social development and the new gender order". Adoption of Resolutions and Recommendations based on the results of the Forum.

The Forum will summarize the results of two contests:

  1. All-Russian competition "Professional longevity of a modern teacher" Edu ProfLife 2021 - teachers over 50 years of age from universities, schools, institutions of vocational education and vocational training are invited to participate, constantly improving their qualifications, interested in their professional growth and expanding professional competencies in transferring their experience to young personnel

  2. International Student Sociological Essay Contest dedicated to the 25th anniversary of sociology at the Financial University - students of higher educational institutions are invited to participate. The competition is held in 8 nominations reflecting different spheres of sociological science. Students can prepare works both individually and collectively (a group of up to two people).

NB! You can declare your section, round table or discussion panel. If you want to do this, it is necessary to write in the Application its name, moderator and co-moderator, potential members (they must register), whom you select yourself, and their order of speeches. This additional application is sent directly to the address of the Program Committee. The registration links are posted on the main website of the Financial University.

Organizational issues can be discussed with the contact person: Irina Prokhorova.

Contacts for communication: IGProkhorova@fa.ru

We will be glad to see your participation in the Forum in the form that you consider most appropriate to your goals and capabilities