Joint Educational Programs

Double-degree program participants study in an overseas partner university for 1 or 2 semesters.  Upon completing the course, the students obtain two diplomas, one from the Financial University and the other from the overseas partner university.

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Key features:
- 7 countries
- More than 20 programs available
- More than 250 Financial University graduates obtained dual degrees

List of programs available:


Northumbria University, Newcastle Business School
Program: BA (Hons) Finance and Investment Management

University of Glasgow
Programs: MAcc in International Accounting and Financial Management
MFin in International Finance
Msc in International Financial Analysis
​Msc in International Corporate Finance and Banking​

Anglia Ruskin University
Program: Msc Accounting and Financial Analysis​
BSc (Hons) Finance and Business Analytics


Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Program: BA Economics


Dublin Institute of Technology
Program: MSc in International Banking and Finance


Emlyon Business School
Program: MSc in Management

Groupe École supérieure de commerce de Troyes
Programs: BSc in International Business
MSc in Management

Université Grenoble Alpes
Programs: BSc in Economics and Management (taught in distance mode)
M2 Organizational Governance for International Cooperation
M2 HR and Economic Management for Enterprises
M2 Economic Engineering
M2 Applied Mathematics and IT for Social Sciences

Universit​y Toulouse-1 Capitole
Programs: BSc & M1 Commercial Law
BSc & M1 Tax Law
BSc & M1 International Law


International Business School
Program: BA Finance and Management

The Netherlands

University of Applied Sciences Saxion
Program: BSc International Finance and Accounting


University of Turin
Program: MSc in International Economics and Business Engineering

What do the program graduates think?

Ksenia Mironova, studied at the University Toulouse – 1 Capitole

The double degree program in Law with Toulouse 1 University offers Financial University students a new vision of law studies as well as carrier opportunities in France and Russia.
The education consists of 2 stages: first two years at Financial University and then students continue their studies at Toulouse 1 Capitole University, where they obtain a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Such a system allows students to develop legal and linguistic skills that are in demand on the labor market and lay the basis of comparative law.
Moreover, double degree students regularly take part in international conferences and receive offers of internships in Russia as well as abroad.

Maria Petrova, studied at the Newcastle Business School

Northumbria University is a fascinating place due to its research potential and modern approach to learning. The period of study there is a unique chance to examine the practical foundations of investment management and international banking regulations. Students spend most of their free time in the library. It can be accessed 24 hours a day. The library is fully equipped to cater to the learners' needs, it is also a perfect place to have a rest and network with the fellow students.

Artyom Loychenko, studied at the Newcastle Business School

A period of study in Northumbria University could dramatically change your perception of learning. Newcastle upon Tyne is a town that is full of students. Students study and have a good time there, too. If somebody told me before I went to the Newcastle Business School that I would spend so much time in the library I would not have believed it. However, the University campus full of inquisitive students, professors who used a practice-oriented approach to learning, a modern learning material presentation system, useful educational projects, approachable teaching staff - all this helped me become fully immersed in the British system of education and have fun when writing my thesis.

​Elena Goncharova, studied at the EMLYON Business School

I was a participant of the EMLYON Business School double degree program in 2015 - 2016. This learning experience helped me learn more about strategic management, corporate finance, marketing, international finance. I also learnt how to properly use networking opportunities for career-building purposes, how to properly work in a team and much more. A year in Lyon has significantly improved my French and English skills. I had to recognize credits earned when studying mandatory disciplines and electives, that is, 50 credits in total. It was also necessary to write a thesis, and do a 6-month internship. At the moment I'm doing an internship at the Internal Audit Department of Saint-Gobain company. I would like to tell all the students not to be afraid to apply, pass interviews, take the GMAT exam and try their luck as double degree program participants. This is a great experience that will surely bear fruit. Good luck to you!

Mikhail Fastovskii, studied at the University Grenoble Alpes

At the early stage of studies, the distance mode appeared to be rather inconvenient for the long-term program, but all doubts fall away straight after. Lectures and study materials (including home assessments uploading process) were easily accessed via user-friendly Moodle platform while the teaching staff was always online to provide all assistance necessary.

It was certainly a valuable experience as the requirements and approaches to teaching vary from one country to another. Interaction with lecturers from University Grenoble Alpes in many respects helped me to study abroad after graduation from this program. Courses, included to its curriculum, deal with various aspects of international economics, which were of great interest not only from theoretical points of view but from the practical as well. Altogether, it contributed a lot to my Master’s Degree obtained in the Netherlands and the successful start of my professional career as an analyst in the banking sphere.