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Research Center for Monetary Relations

Monetary Relations Research Centre conducts research in the field of monetary relations. The Center carries out a fundamental scientific research on The Modern Theory of Money. The results of the study are supposed to contribute to the development of the theory of money at the endoteric (theoretical and methodological) and exoteric (formal-functional) levels. The Centre attracts the leading scholars from the Financial University as well as external experts and practitioners.
The main purpose of the Centre is to make Financial University competitive on the questions of Modern Money Theory (MMT).

Our Goals

to conduct research on the problems of monetary relations;

to develop the scientific potential of the Financial University;

to attract students and scholars to the Center.

Scientific Publications


"Monetary conditions of financial development"

- p. 349-368; Konstantin Krinichansky, Natalia Annenskaya

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"The formation of the modern concept of money in the context of a new quality of the economy"

- p. 308-313; Marina Abramova

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"External and internal factors of money supply formation: some questions of the theory"

- p. 85-94; Larisa Alexandrova, Olga Zakharova

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"The demand for money and the circulation of banknotes of large denominations: current trends"

- p. 96-108; Svetlana Krivoruchko

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"Criterion approach to the description of the endogenous and exogenous nature of money"

- p. 2359-236; Oleg Lunyakov

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Head of the Centre