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Institute for Research of International Economic Relations

The Institute for Research of International Economic Relations (IRIER) performs fundamental and applied academic research based on the organic coherence of scientific, educational, information and organisation activity, participates in developing legislative and other legal acts. The Center conducts expert and analytical studies as well as provides multidisciplinary assistance to relevant departments of the Financial University.

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Our Goals

to conduct research on critical aspects of social and economic development of Russia based on the international experience;

to develop concepts of economic cooperation with countries participating in the international unions and alliances;

to introduce fundamental and applied research in the educational process;

to carry out analytical, expert, consulting and methodological work through participating in assignments of international and national authorities;

to develop cooperation with Russian and foreign research centers, scientific associations and communities.

Scientific Publications


“The Comparison of the Energy Markets of the EAEU and the Scandinavian Countries: Best Practices for the Energy Integration”

– p. 81-88; Victoria Perskaya

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“Implementation of the National Interests of the Russian Federation in Cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Countries”

– 187 p.; Victoria Perskaya, Elena Sokolova

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“Social Inequality: Is It Inevitability of the Prevailing Model of Socio-Political Structure in the World?"

– p. 8-18; Victoria Perskay

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“BRICS Countries: Cooperation and Partnership in the Multipolar World Context”

– 285 p.; Lidia Krasavina, Victoria Perskaya, Nikolay Revenko, Vitaly Sharov

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“Russia-China cooperation in the Arctic: Problems and Prospects”

– No. 61; Victoria Perskaya, Vladimir Remyga, Nikolay Revenko, Andrey Ogryzov, Lidia Krasavina

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“Sharing Economy Phenomenon in the Digitization Era”

– p. 678-700; Lilia Revenko, Nikolay Revenko

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“The Role of Supply Chain Management in Competitiveness of Information and Communication Technologies”

– p. 1102-1113; Victoria Perskaya, Lidia Krasavina

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“BRICS Summits: A Discussion Club or an Idea Provider for Social and Economic Development?”

– 29-38; Victoria Perskaya, Nikolay Revenko

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Head of the Institute


Moscow, Tverskaya street, 22b,
building 3, room 106

+7499 553-13-55 inimeo@fa.ru