Research Centers & Institutes

Center for Political Studies

The Center for Political Studies analyzes fundamental and applied problems of Russian and world politics. In his activities, special emphasis is placed on research in the field of elitology, as well as humanitarian technologies. The speakers of the Center represent the Financial University in leading mass media and high-ranking expert platforms.

Our Goals

Carrying out expert and analytical work on orders of authorities, commercial and non-profit structures

Promotion of the scientific and expert potential of the Financial University in a public and expert-analytical environment

Synthesis of academic and applied political science knowledge

Recruiting personnel for applied expert activity from the academic and student environment

to develop cooperation with Russian and foreign research centers, scientific associations and communities.


Head of the Institute


Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt,
49, 3rd floor, office 305.

+7499 943 9407 psalin@fa.ru