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Experimental Laboratory "Neurotechnologies in Management"

The Laboratory performs fundamental and applied academic research based on the study of managerial decision-making process, consumer and civil behavior modeling and management tool design. The Laboratory conducts expert and analytical studies, hardware neuroscience as well as provides consulting activities.

The main research tasks of the Center include development of:

to ensure economic growth through the introduction of more effective management tools in the business, social and economic environment of Russia;

to prepare recommendations for optimizing business processes in various sectors of the economy by studying user's decision making process and factors influencing it;

to design the experience and perception of citizens through the usage of proven neuro and behavioral tools and accurate diagnostic;

to carry out the analytics of behavioral barriers of Russian consumers to accelerate the digital transformation of the Russian economy;

Scientific Publications


"Research on the application of neuromarketing technologies on financial markets"

– p. 126-129. Karpova S.V., Rozhkov I.V.

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"Ethical problems of introducing artificial intelligence into the contemporary society"

– p. 640-646. Burukina O., Karpova S., Koro N.

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"A study on the application of technology of neuromarketing in the financial markets"

– p. 109-115. Karpova S.V., Rozhkov I.V.

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“Study of factors determining consumer behavior in the digital sphere”

– p. 85-88. Karpova S.V., Rozhkov I.V., Zakharenko I.K.

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"Brand as a marketing tool: influence on conduct of consumers"

– p. 68-73. Karpova S.V., Ustinova O.E.

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Head of the Laboratory


Moscow, st. Verkhnyaya Maslovka, 15,
office 214