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Institute for Research of International Economic Relations

The Centre for Financial Policy makes scientific research, prepares expert and analytical materials and provides advisory services. The Center carried out 80 research works in the interests of the Government of Russia, the Parliament, the Ministry of Finance, the Federal Tax Service, other ministries and scientific founds. Staff of the Center published more than 400 scientific works, including 35 monographs and 40 articles in journals indexed in WoS and Scopus.

Our Activities

carrying out research works commissioned by the executive and legislative authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as various organizations;

preparation of expert and analytical materials for the Apparatus of the Government of Russia, Parliament, relevant ministries and organizations;

integration of the latest financial science into the educational process;

development of scientific ties with universities, academic scientific organizations and individual scientific collectives of Russia and foreign countries

Scientific Publications


“The analysis of the comparative efficiency of state support for natural gas production: The case of some OECD and BRICS countries”

– p.1778-1789; Karaev, A., Ponkratov, V., Masterov, A., Pozdnyaev, A., Kuznetsov, N.

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“Fiscal rules on market commodity revenues: Russian experience, best foreign practices, new approaches to design”

V.V. Ponkratov

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“Productivity and Economic Growth by Using Business Management Based on the E-marketing: Evidence from developed and developing countries, 2000-2018”

– pp. 463-473.; Ponkratov, V., Karaev, A., Masterov, A., Gorlova. O., Sedova, M., Shmigol, N.

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“Graphical analysis of the growth rate of national economies by considering the supply chain strategy in 25 countries over the period from 2000 to 2016”

– pp. 1027-1034; Victoria Perskaya, Vladimir Remyga, Nikolay Revenko, Andrey Ogryzov, Lidia Krasavina

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“Postkeinsian approach to budget balance taking into account financial balances of economic sectors”

– pp. 85-93; Lilia Revenko, Nikolay Revenko

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“Inter-country analysis of efficiency of energy subsidies”

– pp. 101-110; Karayev A.K., Ponkratov V.V.

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“Problems and Ways to Improve Program-Targeted Budgeting in Russia”

- pp. 44-57; Masterov A.I.

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Head of the Centre


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