• ‘Psychology of Virtual and Media Environment’

    • Full-time
    • 4 years
    • RU
    • 250 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Biology
    • Russian Language
Klementeva Marina Vladimirovna

  • Doctor of Psychology

  • Professor of the Department of Psychology and Human Capital Development 

  • Psychologist, member of the Russian Psychological Society

Have you ever thought about how social networks, online technologies, and media affect one's personality, attitude, and behavior? The innovative program "Psychology of the Virtual Reality and Social Media", which is unrivalled throughout the world, combines the classical traditions of a university degree in Psychology and an innovative scientific approach to the study of human interaction with the Internet, media and digital technologies.

The XXI century is marked not only by the digital revolution, but also by a high degree of "psychologisation" of society, the rapid and deep penetration of psychology into all aspects of people's lives. Today, we see how the psychological language is becoming one of the most popular in the world, and its application in the digital sphere expands the possibilities for understanding and predicting user behavior. Owners of big data (Internet giants, social networks, gaming platforms, etc.) have a number of ethical and social problems that psychologists also deal with. Specialists in marketing, sales, and advertising turn to the field of psychology to make a high-quality promotional campaign. More and more employers apply the latest achievements of psychology in personnel management and, first of all, its branches — cyberpsychology, neuropsychology, and media psychology. 

Responding to the demands of employers and the challenges of the time, scientists and experts practitioners of the Financial University have developed a new educational program that will provide students with a deep understanding of the psychological phenomena of human interaction with multimedia, digital, and Internet technologies.

The educational program provides students, firstly, with a deep understanding of psychological phenomena as well as ways to study, diagnose, develop and correct them using digital technologies (eye tracking, virtual and augmented reality, etc.). Secondly, students get some practical experience (psychological counseling, coaching, training, psychodiagnostics, personnel management, etc.) in psychological and pedagogical centers, advanced IT companies, telecommunications companies, and public service agencies.  Thirdly, close cooperation with leading specialists in the interdisciplinary field of psychology, media and digital technologies, participation in scientific and practical events (international, all-Russian, university), and studying among like-minded people will develop you professionally and personally.

Graduates of the program will become in-demand specialists as in actively developing companies which have to strive to keep up with the times, as in startups that implement the latest technologies.

Atlas of Professions

  • Psychologist
  • Coach
  • Social Worker
  • PR manager
  • HR manager
  • Teacher
  • Marketer
  • Government Worker