• ‘Applied Computer Science ’

    • Full-time | Full-time+Part-time | Online
    • 4 | 4,5 years
    • RU
    • 266 000 RUB | 160 000 RUB | 135 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Social studies or Foreign language (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese) or Physics or Computer technology
    • Russian Language
    • Maths
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Sergey Vyacheslavovich Makrushin

We prepare specialists with wide competencies in creating, developing, implementing, and operating information systems for managing financial and economic activities in business and in the financial sector. Our graduates become, as how non-professionals call them, programmers. In fact, it includes dozens of different specialisations, which differ from each other in approaches and technologies.

Our students study a wide range of programming languages, which allow to satisfy all the needs of the modern business: from developing mobile applications to creating the systems of processing big data volumes in corporate centers of data processing.

Our students are prepared to perform different functions in the projects of business automatisation. Application of information technologies requires not only programing specialists, but also specialists in system requirements analysis, specialists in developing, testing, implementing, and maintaining software.

Our graduates are employed in the sector which is undergoing rapid development and which offers high salary levels.

Main disciplines

  • Algorithms and Data Structures in the Python Language

    Within this fundamental one-year course students learn how to use one of the most popular programming language and study key algorithms and data structures.

  • UNIX Family Operating Systems and Network Technologies

    It is impossible not to know technologies of the main operating systems, which are used in the majority of specialised computers, which serve customer’s requests.

  • Mobile Application Development Technology

    These days mobile phone has become the main channel for communicating with the digital world. Programmers are required to have a set of technologies to create an application for mobile devices.

  • Big Data Processing Technologies

    This unique course will give you an insight into advanced technologies of processing and analysing big volumes of data.

  • Technology Used for Data Analysis and Machine Learning

    There has happened a revolution in finding solutions to complex tasks of data analysis: now computers are not programmed, they are taught! Specialized algorithms of machine learning and artificial neural networks are capable of solving many tasks.

  • Program Engineering

    Creation of information systems is a complicated and a risky process. To realise a project successfully one needs broad knowledge in technologies of software development.

Career & Future

Our graduates work in structural departments of huge organisations, which are responsible for developing and maintaining corporate information systems, system integrators, developers and providers of software solutions and information services.