• ‘Automates Security Systems in Financial and Banking Sector’

    • Full-time
    • 4 years
    • RU
    • 1,2 year - 290 000 RUB | 3,4 year - 290 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Maths or Foreign language (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese) or Computer Science or
    • Russian Language
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Vladlena Sergeenva Olad’ko

Risks in the field of information security of international financial services companies are now higher than ever, and threats are increasing. Challenges, which the world’s financial institutions are facing, are closely connected to cyber security. Well-trained hackers around the world are conducting powerful DDoS attacks against banks, pumping billions of dollars from deposit accounts, stealing millions of payment cards, and infiltrating many national stock exchanges. In this regard, banks are subject to special requirements to information security.

The main aim of this educational program is to develop students' knowledge in the field of information security and information protection against cyber threats, as well as safe use of software in automated systems of financial and banking sphere.

The tasks of the general professional and profile disciplines are:

- to reveal the essence of information security concepts, information security threats, and information protection;
- to familarise with the state policy in the field of information security, protection of state secrets, commercial secrets, and personal data;
- to introduce methods and means of cryptographic protection of the information; - to obtain practical skills of working with certified software-hardware complexes of information security of automated systems and data transmission networks;
- to develop practical skills in security policy development and information risk assessment.

Main disciplines

  • Information Security System Structuring and Legal Framework for Information Security System Building

    System of organisational protection of information. The place of organisational protection of information in the system of integrated protection of information of the organisation. Types and sources of threats. Information security in various areas of activity.

  • Software and Hardware Used in Information Protection and Security

    Software and hardware means of information protection: trusted boot, authentication, authentication and authorisation subsystems, security event logging and management, access management and control.

  • Physical Phenomena and Processes in Information Security

    This discipline describes physical phenomena and processes in the field of information security, problems of circuitry, and radio electronics.

  • Information Security of Automated Banking Services

    It is aimed at studying and describing methods of counteracting the main schemes of fraud in the field of electronic money. Students study risk factors of credit institutions and their clients in conditions of using e-banking technologies.

  • Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector

    This discipline studies vulnerabilities and vectors of cyber attacks on financial-credit systems and means and methods of ensuring cybersecurity of information infrastructure of financial systems.

  • Cryptographic Methods Used for Information Protection

    Students consider features of modern asymmetric and symmetric cryptosystems for data protection, stored and transmitted in automated systems, key management and authentication.

Why This Programme?

  • Determine information security threats and possible ways of their elimination based on structure and content of information processes analysis
  • Install, configure and maintain software and hardware
  • Take part in experimental studies of the information security system

Atlas of Professions

  • Graduates are in demand by Russian and international companies, banks, insurance companies, state enterprises.

Career & Future

Graduates of the program "Security of Automated Systems in Banking and Finance" are in high demand among Russian and international organisations and structures, which are involved in ensuring information security of organisations of any types of ownership, banks, insurance companies, and state enterprises.

Organisations which offer employment to our graduates:
Eshelon NGO
PJSC "Sberbank"
Central Bank of Russia
Association of Russian Banks