• ‘Logistics’

    • Full-time
    • 4 years
    • RU
    • 340 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Maths
    • Russian
    • Social Studies
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Irina Anatolyevna Merkulina

Educational bachelor-degree program “Logistics” is aimed at preparing logistics managers, who manage logistical processes in various companies at the national and international levels in the sphere of transporting, warehousing, supplying, and supply chain management.

New approaches are required to manage material, financial and information flows in modern economic conditions of market relations development and increased competition. Rational management of material and other flow, which was called logistics, plays a pivotal part in management of any company.

Logistics specialists make sure that all the necessary products and services are received in the right place, quantity, and within the requested deadline. Logistics teach you to manage time, routes, production, and finances!

Main disciplines

  • Customer Relations Management (СRM)

    Students study the concepts of client-oriented approach, which is based on collecting and processing information about clients for further realisation of a company’s strategies to achieve mutually profitable conditions with clients.

  • Procurement Logistics and Supplies Management

    Methods of managing material flows in the process of supplying an enterprise with material resources. Meeting production needs with maximum possible economic efficiency. Development plan of supplying the production.

  • Intellectual Transportation Systems

    Innovational and technological developments for managing transportation flows with high traffic safety. Information traffic literacy in comparison to traditional transportation means.

  • Transport Logistics

    Internal and external logistics processes. The main means of transportation: unimodal, multimodal, intermodal and other types.

  • Marketing Management and Logistics Distribution

    Business activities of an enterprise through marketing as a management concept targeted at the market. Logistics as a management concept for improving effectiveness.

  • Digital Logistics Technologies

    Digitalisation of logistical processes in conditions of transforming the models of transportation and logistics businesses. Development of crowdsourcing logistics. Use of information and digital platforms.

Career & Future

Our graduates are in high demand among both Russian and international enterprises of different organisational and legal forms, which apply logistical approaches to organising their activities and managing their economic entities. They also manage material and informational flows in big and medium-sized businesses with constantly changing environment of digital economy on the basis of digital logistics technologies.