• ‘Corporate Finance and Management’

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    • 2,5
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    • 135 000 RUB
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    • Economic Theory
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)
Elena Anatolievna Fyodorova

The Corporate Finance and Governance profile program is an advanced next generation program. The goal of the master's program is to prepare professionals in the field of corporate finance for large corporations, possessing not only theoretical knowledge, but also extensive practical skills. Particular attention will be paid to the application of information technology in the field of corporate finance, the development of data analysis skills, the study of international financial reporting standards and behavioral finance.

Main disciplines

  • Corporate finance

    The purpose of the discipline: the formation of modern knowledge in the field of corporate finance and the financial market, disclosure and interpretation of financial information, as well as the acquisition of skills in making management decisions in the field of cash flows.

  • Econometrics

    The purpose of the discipline is to teach masters to identify quantitative and qualitative economic relationships between indicators of large corporations and indicators of the external environment using mathematical and statistical methods and models.

  • Data Analysis (R, Python)

    The goal of the discipline is to develop masters' skills in analyzing economic data using machine learning methods in the R or Python environment, including big data processing and text analysis.

  • International Financial Reporting Standards

    The purpose of the discipline is to teach masters to interpret and analyze the financial statements of a company, drawn up in accordance with international standards. Understand the basic principles of evaluating the main elements of financial statements.

  • Financial planning: advanced

    The purpose of the discipline is the formation of masters' skills in planning the general budget in large corporations, as well as the budgets of individual departments in order to determine their financial costs and results, and build long-term financial plans.


Graduates of the program work in financial departments of large domestic and foreign companies: banks, credit organizations, insurance companies, investment companies and funds; consulting and auditing companies, including the Big Four companies; economic and financial departments of public authorities; information agencies..