• ‘Financial Marketing’

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    • 2
    • RU
    • 360 000 RUB
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    • Economic Theory
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)
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Svetlana Vasilievna Karpova

"Financial Marketing" is a new generation program, prepared on the basis of the professional standard "Marketing Specialist". It is implemented jointly with a non-profit partnership "The Guild of Marketers".

The program is aimed at training highly-qualified marketing analysts with a focus on developing strategic solutions in the financial market and marketing managers who can work in various areas of the marketing complex: commodity, price, sales, and communication policies.

The program partners actively participate in preparing joint methodological materials based on practical business cases.

The program allows students to form professional competencies that ensure high demand of graduates in the labor market. Our graduates are employed by marketing, research, consulting, economic, and financial departments of organisations of various types of ownership and spheres of activity, different universities and research centers.

Main disciplines

  • Concepts in Financial Marketing

    This discipline is devoted to the conceptual framework of functioning, development, and application of financial marketing as an element of financial activities management in an organisation, aimed at attracting customers.

  • Marketing Research in a Financial Market

    Students study feasibility of market research in the mechanism of capital redistribution between creditors and borrowers through demand-supply and capital-supply intermediaries.

  • Information Support of Corporate Marketing Operations

    This discipline is aimed at developing skills in the use of information resources and systems in marketing activities and software products for general, special, and functional purposes.

  • Pricing and Price Management on a Financial Market

    Students study the main trends in pricing and price management in the financial market with introducing modern marketing technologies for its analysis.

  • Marketing Audit

    Students develop their management skills and learn how to identify shortcomings in the marketing system and the lost benefits associated with them. They also learn how to build an optimal strategy and to organise consulting.

  • Integrated Marketing Communication

    Students study the patterns of development and specific features of individual marketing communications tools to achieve targeted social and commercial results.

Study Abroad

  • Groupe ESC Troyes consists of 4 business schools which offer an opportunity to study different programmes. Despite being a young educational institution, Groupe ESC is an innovative educational center, cooperating with more than 200 international partners.


Graduates are employed in enterprises, primarily financial sectors (banks, insurance, investment, etc.), as well as in state and commercial structures, analytical and consulting companies.