• ‘Investigation into Economic Crime’

    • Full-time
    • 2 years
    • RU
    • 370 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Theory of State and Law
    • Interdisciplinary Exam for Law
  • Accreditation and Partners

Yulia Valentinovna Nikolaeva

Dear applicants, 

We are glad to present you the program "Investigation into Economic and Financial Crime"!

The program is aimed at training highly qualified specialists and leaders who have comprehensive knowledge of legal and procedural aspects of investigation of financial and economic crimes. Our graduates ensure economic security of state structures at all levels, including municipal entities, economic entities regardless of types of ownership and the level of capitalisation.

The program is designed to make a contribution to improving the degree of satisfaction of the educational needs of an individual, society, and the state, developing a unified educational space in the field of law, and promoting its integration into the world educational scientific and information environment.

Main disciplines

  • Qualification of Financial and Economic Crimes

    Students will know the rules of qualification of crimes; theory and practice of qualification of various types of financial and economic crimes.

  • Evidence and Proof in the Economic Crime Investigation

    Students will know the theory of evidence and its place in the system of investigation of financial and economic crimes as well as particular types of crimes.

  • Economic Crime Investigation Methods

    Students will know the theoretical and methodological basis of investigating financial and economic offenses; peculiarities of investigating financial and economic offenses.

  • Economic Crime Prevention

    Students will know the legal and organisational framework of the system of preventing offenses, the international basis for combating financial and economic offenses, and problems of preventing theory and practice.

  • Law-Enforcement Agencies’ Interaction Formats and Methods in Investigations into Economic Crimes

    Students will be aware of the concept, tasks, and principles of subjects interaction of crimes and offenses investigation, problems of the interaction of theory and practice, and the mechanism of their resolution.

  • Factors that Promote Corruption in Economic and Financial Sector

    Students will study the legal and organisational basis of anti-corruption, legal responsibility for corruption offenses, and methodology of anti-corruption examination of normative legal acts and their projects.