• ‘State and Business Lawyer’

    • Full-time
    • 2
    • RU
    • 370 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Theory of State and Law
    • Interdisciplinary for Law
Svetlana Anatolievna Ivanova

Dear applicants, 

We are glad to present you the program “Publiс and Commercial Law”! This master's program is aimed at training lawyers who will provide legal support for  state and private corporations, state and municipal authorities. We also prepare lawyers who will be engaged in legal consulting in Russian and international firms.

In the course of training students receive training in civil law, private international law, and intellectual property rights. 

Our graduates become highly qualified lawyers who are able to carry out professional activities in public and private companies and international organisations.

We pay special attention to the individual approach in the educational process.

Main disciplines

  • Specifics of Law of Estate

    The discipline is aimed at obtaining knowledge and skills in the sphere of real estate turnover.

  • Legal Regulation of Interaction between Service Providers in the Business and Public Sector

    The discipline allows students to study legal aspects of services contracts by business entities, as well as specific features of providing public services.

  • Issues in the Theory and Practice of Financial Transactions

    The discipline is devoted to studying peculiarities of legal regulation of transactions in the sphere of rendering services by credit and insurance organisations, leasing companies, and professional participants in the securities market.

  • Lenders’ Rights Protection in Case of Bankruptcy of Individuals and Legal Entities

    In the framework of this discipline, taking into account the latest changes in legislation in the relevant field, students develop skills to protect the interests of creditors in case of bankruptcy of legal entities and citizens.

  • Succession of Business and Certain Property Types

    The discipline is aimed at studying the theory and practice of inheritance of certain types of property (residential premises, land plots, corporate rights, and etc.)

  • Legal Regulation of Intellectual Property Rights in the Modern Economy

    Students gain knowledge and skills in the field of intellectual property protection in the context of the transition to the digital economy.