• ‘PR and GR Technologies in Politics and Business (in English)’

    • Full-time
    • 2 years
    • EN
    • 350 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Theory of Political Science
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)

Program description

Today we can observe how developing communication technologies are radically changing the position of business, society, and the person themself. In such a situation, PR and GR have become an important tool for developing various spheres of the economy and society, because thanks to them it is possible to form an “agenda” and manage public opinion. International and leading Russian organizations and firms are increasingly using digital opportunities in their PR campaigns. An attractive and informative corporate website, “live” social networks, the use of messengers and other Internet communication channels today are the main conditions for creating a successful image of the company, its viability and further promotion. In the process of studying the master’s program “PR and GR Technologies in Politics and Business”, students will receive in-depth knowledge in the field of political and business communications dictated by the current processes of globalization in the era of digitalization.

Accreditation and Partners

Program managers

Simonov Konstantin Vasilyevich

  • PhD in Political Science. Master's degree in Political Science from the University of Manchester.
  • Head of the Department of Political Science, Professor.
  • Founder and CEO of the National Energy Security Foundation, the most cited Russian center in the field of energy policy. He has been engaged in political and economic analytics for more than 25 years. He headed the Center for Political Conjuncture. According to the assessment of the Ministry of Energy, he is a leading expert in the field of energy in the Russian Federation. Author of numerous publications on the relationship between politics and oil and gas, including “Russian Oil: the Last Redistribution", “Global Energy War", “The Great Gas Game". Author of the first textbook on political analysis in Russian.
  • He was a regular columnist for the business newspaper Vedomosti, a radio columnist for Kommersant FM, the host of the author's analytical program “Late Conversation" on NTV Channel, the program “On the Subject" on the M24 TV Channel. At the moment, he is hosting the author's program “Revolver" on the radio “Moscow Speaks".

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to

  • Develop ways to solve a specific task at each stage of the project, choosing the optimal tactics for the implementation of the stage, based on the designated strategy of the PR/GR project and the political and economic situation.
  • Monitor feedback in communication and change communication strategies in a timely manner depending on the reaction of the main target audiences.
  • Apply knowledge about the stereotypes of mass consciousness, values and characteristics of target audiences to develop optimal communication tactics.
  • Apply modern technological skills and communicative knowledge to select the optimal communication channel and ensure its functioning.
  • Find information in open sources about the current situation in a particular social sphere, classify it according to the degree of importance and reliability.
  • Create your own Internet communication channels and build their work and apply methods of studying public opinion in practice.

Key disciplines of the concentration

Media Space and Information Market

GR-Management and Lobbying Technologies

Methods of Mass Communication Research

Production of PR-Content

Modern PR Technologies in Politics and Business

Digital Communications Technologies in PR and GR


The list of potential employment areas from graduates of this program is wide: 

  • Departments of large corporate business (international communications, analytical support, PR and GR services, political marketing and political management, evaluation of political risks and corporate governance technologies); 
  • Political markets in the broad sense of this concept: PR and GR structures; 
  • The apparatus and the asset of political parties, political advisory, lobbying and electoral agencies;
  • State bodies of federal and regional level: Chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation - State Duma and Federation Council;
  • Federal ministries and departments (from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia to the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, etc.);
  • The Office of Plenipotentiary representatives of the President of the Russian Federation, the apparatus of the regional executive and legislative branches of power (international departments, information and analytical departments and public relations departments);
  • Media, the sphere of political and classical advertising.

Organizations where you can find a job

Unique advantages of the program

The best business partners: KROS, Novoye Vremya, Delovaya Rossiya, as well as government organizations such as the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the Ministry of Economic Development, etc.

The opportunity to unleash creative potential and become leading experts in the political and economic sphere of PR and GR technologies.

Internships at leading communication agencies and government agencies.

Students will receive in-depth and practice-oriented knowledge in the field of political and business communications.

A powerful theoretical political and economic block that will give a root understanding of the ongoing communication processes.