• ‘Public Sector Finance’

    • Full-time
    • 2 years
    • RU
    • 350 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Economic Theory
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)
Elena Valentinovna Markina

The program is implemented by a highly professional team of the Department of Public Finance, which members have unique and long-term experience in teaching and research in the field of public finance. 

Our graduates take leading positions in financial bodies and other bodies of the state power not only in Russia, but also in many countries all over the world.

Our graduates have all the necessary professional competencies which allow them to be employed by financial and treasury bodies, financial units of other government bodies, companies with state participation, as well as organisations specialising in research and consulting in the field of public finance.

You have a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the dynamic processes of modern transformation of public finance, to participate in research which are often financed by the federal executive bodies and state off-budget funds, to prepare publications in peer-reviewed journals, and to have an internship in the Financial Treasury and other state bodies.

Main disciplines

  • Financial Management for Budget Funds Administrators

    This disciplines is dedicated to modern financial management tools of budget administrators and quality of financial management in the public sector.

  • Civil Service and Municipal Services

    This disciplines is aimed at mastering qualification requirements for state and municipal employees in the Russian Federation.

  • Modern Budget Reforms

    Students analyse tendencies of budgetary reforms in Russia and foreign countries including budgetary systems, budgetary processes, and organisations of the budgetary sector.

  • Sovereign Fund Management

    Students study the role of sovereign funds, their classification, as well as peculiarities of forming and using the Fund of National Welfare in the Russian Federation and other sovereign funds according to the international classification.

  • Treasury Technology of Budget Execution

    Students study modern trends of introducing single treasury account technologies for the entire public administration sector. They also concentrate on the processes of an "Electronic budget".

  • Accounting and Reporting in Public Administration

    This discipline allows the development of knowledge and skills in the field of accounting and reporting in conditions of implementing international standards for the public administration sector.


After 2-3 years after graduation, our graduates take positions of chief specialists, consultants, advisers, deputy heads and heads of structural units of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the Federal Treasury, financial and control units in federal executive bodies.