• ‘Financial Technologies Used in Business’

    • Full-time
    • 2 years
    • RU
    • 350 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Economic Theory
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)
  • Accreditation and Partners

Marina Alexandrovna Fedotova

The program aims to train next-generation economists with knowledge of ecosystems, their formation and development in the digital economy, tools and FinTech technologies to develop and implement rapid business growth strategies.

The program allows students to get theoretical knowledge and practical skills of applying modern financial technologies and information databases for effective solution of professional problems.

Main disciplines

  • Technological Basis and Business Models in FinTech

    The discipline is aimed at forming knowledge in the field of technological entrepreneurship in FinTech and development of skills related to business modeling.

  • Big Data and Machine Learning

    The discipline is aimed at developing the ability of students to apply big data processing and machine learning technologies to the solution of applied tasks related to the provision of financial services.

  • Scoring, Ratings, Rankings

    Discipline introduces students to the types of scoring and the scope of their application. Students learn how to collect data for their building and are given a complete picture for building scoring models based on big data and machine learning.

  • Portfolio Investment and Robo-Advising

    Students study dynamic design of financial instrument portfolios in global markets, i.e. study how to combine financial instruments to obtain a flow of payments with properties, which individual tools in the portfolio do not have.

  • High-Tech Project Financing in a Digital Economy

    The discipline is aimed at developing knowledge, analytical and practical skills of methods and tools for financing high-tech projects within the framework of innovative activities of corporations.

  • Smart Information Systems

    The discipline is aimed at forming theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the basics of the constructing and functioning of intellectual systems.

Study Abroad

  • The University of Grenoble Alpes was formed after a merger of three universities of different training profiles located in Grenoble. The highest quality of education and high level of demand of graduates of this University allowed it to be ranked 236 among all universities of the world according to the rating QS. The university is a leader among French educational institutions in the level of development of bilateral partnerships with Russian universities. The distinctive feature of the University of Grenoble Alpes is double-degree programs allowing a large number of students to receive a state diploma of the French university with the help of modern computer technologies.


Our graduates are in high demand in banks, investment companies and foundations, financial institutions, industrial companies, infrastructure and telecommunications companies, trade networks, FinTech startups, and consulting companies.