• ‘Accounting, Analysis, and Audit’

    • Part-time
    • 2,5 years
    • RU
    • 200 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Economic Theory
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)
  • Accreditation and Partners

Alexander Mikhailovich Petrov

“Accounting, Analysis, and Audit” is an educational program, which aimed at training highly professional economists who possess methods and tools of accounting, analysis, and audit for developing and implementing of strategic decisions related to various accounting, tax, information, and analytical issues.

After this program our graduates can:

• hold a position from an accountant to a financial director;

• serve as an independent consultant in accounting, analysis, taxation, and auditing;

• receive an advantage in employment and great prospects of career growth.

The training gives our graduate in-depth knowledge of the program, a full understanding of his/her place in the company, and how to implement strategic decisions related to various accounting, tax, information and analytical issues. 

This program promotes development of professional knowledge and managerial competencies for effective activities in the field of accounting and audit.

Main disciplines

  • Modern Concepts in Accounting and Reporting

    The purpose of this discipline is to develop concepts of accounting and reporting and to identify directions for the development of accounting theory, which is based on an institutional approach.

  • Financial Accounting (Advanced Course)

    In the system of accounting and auditing, the discipline "Financial Accounting (Advanced Course)" takes a leading place, being one of the fundamental disciplines. Knowledge received by students is the basis for studying other special disciplines.

  • Theory and Practice of Modern Management Accounting

    The purpose of this discipline is to develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills in managerial accounting and to use its information for making managerial decisions.

  • System of International Financial Reporting Standards (Advanced Course)

    The training course covers a full range of IFRS applications and allows you to learn how to apply IFRS in various practical situations.

  • Strategic Analysis of the Company's Sustainable Development

    The aim of this discipline is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in preparing and using accounting information for strategic planning, analysis, and monitoring.

  • Theory and Practice of Audit

    The main aim of this discipline is to develop an ability to conduct external audit of the subjects of the economy of all types of ownership and organisational and legal forms and an ability of the internal control system.


Our graduates are employed from accountants to financial directors, independent consultants in the field of accounting, analysis, taxation, and audit.
They receive an undeniable advantage in employment and all prospects of career growth.