• ‘International Finance and Banks (modules taught in English)’

    • Full-time
    • 2 years
    • RU | EN
    • 350 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Economic Theory
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)
  • Accreditation and Partners

Irina Zotovna Yarigyna

Our graduates can solve complex problems and successfully work in a competitive environment in the Russian and international market of capital and financial services. 

The main task of the program is to develop knowledge in international financial and economic relations and in financial institutions in the global economy, to master practical skills in international currencies, credits, financial transactions, project financing, leasing operations, trade financing, and international settlements based on the use of modern technologies.

Students are able to upgrade their professional skills by obtaining a Bloomberg certificate or international and Russian certificates in the field of international financial activities and equity/interest-free financing instruments.

Our program is practically orientated. Students are given the possibility of training and internships in one of the European countries, as well as the possibility to receive a second diploma in one of the European universities and get certificates on the modules of the program. This program is partially taught in English.

Main disciplines

  • International Finance

    Students study modern trends and practices of economic entities in the world markets. They obtain knowledge in international finance and the role of international financial intermediaries in the modern markets.

  • International Banking Business

    This discipline is devoted to the basic principles of organisation and the ways of safe multilateral work of banks in the international capital and services markets while working with clients and counterparties in conditions of a wide network of financial and credit institutions.

  • International Investment Lending

    Students study the world experiences in project financing, leasing operations, factoring, training and develop skills in these areas.

  • International Risk Management

    This discipline is devoted to the study of risks, factors of their occurrence and their impact on the results of economic activities of credit and financial institutions. Students study structure, essence, and ways of risk management.

  • Government Finance Management

    Students obtain knowledge of public and private finance, socio-economic consequences, and the basics of external borrowing.

  • Course "Financial Director of the International Company"

    Students study responsibilities of a modern day financial director in an international company. They master methods of solving practical problems.

Study Abroad

  • Dublin Institute of Technology is one of the biggest higher education institutions in Ireland. Each program realised at the university is practice-oriented and prepares students for working in the industry through a myriad of real projects and compulsory internships.


Our graduates are employed by international and domestic financial and credit institutions, the Bank of Russia, ministries, departments, audit companies, analytical agencies, consulting agencies, corporations and other international institutions of all types of ownership in Russia and abroad.