• ‘Compliance Control of the Economic Entity’s Operations’

    • Full-time
    • 2 years
    • RU
    • 400 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Economic Theory
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)

Program description

The main purpose of the program is to obtain skills of checking compliance with laws, rules, and standards of behavior in the market of processes, which take place in modern organisations. It is important to study how to manage conflicts of interest, counteract threats of internal and external offenses, as well as to gain knowledge about the essence, nature, and patterns of threats, dangers, and risks in the economic and legal sphere.

It should be noted that some disciplines are taught in English.

This program was awarded by the Diploma of the Grant Competition of the Charitable Fund named after V. Potanin. Moreover, it has professional-public accreditation of the Council for Professional Qualifications of the Financial Market. 

Our graduates meet all professional standards and are employed as internal control specialists (internal controllers), risk management specialists, financial monitoring specialists, and etc.

Accreditation and Partners

Program managers

Vladimir Ivanovich Avdiysky

Key disciplines of the concentration

  • Economic Entity’s Economic Security Comprehensive Analysis Methods

    Objective: to give basic knowledge about the essence and structure of formation of the basic internal documents in an economic entity taking into account its specificity, the required level of safety, and the legal basis of regulation.

  • Legal Risks in the Business Companies' Operations

    Objective: to form legal knowledge in the field of economic security and risk analysis in conditions of the conflict of interests of various economic entities.

  • Compliance Monitoring System Designing and Introduction of Compliance Systems into Business Entities’ Operations

    Purpose: to form theoretical foundations of organising compliance, modern views, ideas, and concepts of corporate compliance and corresponding practices.

  • Compliance Control System and Financial Investigations

    Objective: to ensure that students have the necessary competences in using compliance control, while developing risk management solutions based on the real state of the economic security system.

  • Comprehensive Corporate Internal Control System Design

    Objective: to develop skills of organising an internal control system of an economic entity and controlling the system functioning.

  • Economic Crime Prevention

    Objective: to develop all the necessary theoretical knowledge of investigating financial and economic crimes, as well as practical skills of investigating financial and economic crimes.

  • Career

    Our graduates are in high demand among specialised structural subdivisions of large companies and corporations, and other economic entities regardless of the types of ownership and level of capitalisation.