• ‘Information Security Management’

    • Full-time
    • 2 years
    • RU
    • 350 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)

Program description

The master’s degree program is focused on training professional leaders in the field of information security in financial and credit organizations. It is aimed at developing students’ competencies in the field of information risk assessment, implementation of measures to detect and neutralize threats to corporate information systems. During the training, students will gain the necessary knowledge and learn how to solve problems related to the work of protected information and information-analytical systems of financial and credit organizations, form and implement information security policies, certify computer systems for their compliance with information security requirements, reasonably choose and use cryptographic and organizational and technical means of information protection and others. Due to the interaction and contacts with experienced teachers, practitioners from partner organizations, graduate students will receive the relevant knowledge they need to work and further advance in their chosen field of professional activity.

Program managers

Baranov Alexander Pavlovich

  • Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
  • Head of the Department of Information Security.
  • Research interests:
  • Electronic signature and tax collection support system in the Russian Federation;
  • Relevant tasks of ensuring information security of modern computer systems confidential information;
  • Application of a posterior protection in the system of tax authorities;
  • Relevant tasks of computer systems information security;
  • Qualified electronic signature in mass systems;
  • Russian prospects for the cipher tools use in civil society;
  • Issues of cryptographic security in current systems.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to

  • Collect, process, analyze and systematize scientific and technical information, substantiate the choice of methods and means of information protection, develop plans and programs for conducting scientific research and technical developments in the field of information security.
  • Organize work on creating and modernizing information security systems, tools and technologies in accordance with legal regulations and regulatory methodological documents.
  • Activate their abilities for abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis, acquire new knowledge and skills with the help of information technologies and use them in practical activities.
  • Master and apply new methods of professional activity research, develop programs and test methods for information security tools and systems.
  • Classify and assess threats to information security for financial and credit enterprises, develop systems, complexes, tools and technologies to ensure security.


The universal digitalization of the economy implies its reliable continuous development in conditions of constant information security. Educational process organization makes it possible to transform the theoretical knowledge on information security, including its economic, technical, technological, and legal aspects, into practical skills and proficiency in professional skills, considering the requirements of large companies' employers. This allows our alumni to be on the wave of demand for the professional competencies received all the time.

The basic steps for building a future successful career of an alumnus are:

  • taking into account in the master's degree program the employers' requests and the modern labor market peculiarities in the field of information security;
  • increasing graduates' competitiveness and adaptability by bringing the educational process closer to the real conditions of professional activity;
  • introduction of modern training technologies and practices that promote effective employment and promotion of graduates;
  • formation and launch of the alumni support system.

Organizations where you can find a job

Unique advantages of the program

Master’s degree program is the direction of the skill development of relevant information systems scientific research. Information security philosophy.

Requirements for applicants: primary knowledge of information security, computer systems and computer science. Testing in a foreign language.

Two main directions in mutual communication: legal aspects of information security and the main directions of cryptographic and information protection technical principles.

Traditions and modern technological achievements in computer systems protection with information protection of credit and financial systems as an example.

Improving skills in a foreign language in business communication and computer sphere.