• ‘IT in Agriculture’

    • Full-time
    • 2 years
    • RU
    • 370 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)

Program description

The innovative master’s degree program “Information Technologies in Agriculture” was created to meet needs of the ongoing revolution in digitalization of agriculture. Currently, specialists in informatization and automation are urgently needed in agro-industrial holdings and agricultural companies. The Department of Data Analysis and Machine Learning has a large portfolio of successful projects in this field using robotics, machine learning and data mining. Now you have a chance to become a specialist in this sought-after field.

Program managers

Petrosov David Aregovich

  • PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.
  • Assistant Professor of the Department of Data Analysis and Machine Learning of the Faculty of Information Technology and Big Data Analysis.
  • Research interests: simulation modeling; artificial intelligence; systems theory and system analysis.
  • Participation in projects and grants: development of theoretical foundations of intellectual support for the synthesis of large discrete systems with a given behavior; intellectual decision support in the development, implementation, and use of precision farming innovative agrotechnologies; development of models and methods to improve the performance of intelligent decision support systems based on evolutionary algorithms using parallel computing.
  • Heads the master's degree program “Big Data Processing and Intelligent Application Development".

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to

  • Develop software applications using modern software implementation tools;
  • Lead a team of developers at all stages of work on the creation of information systems;
  • Design intelligent decision support systems.


Our alumni work as intelligent application developers, analysts, heads of development teams and project managers. After graduation, our graduate students can apply the acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities in leading IT companies, trade organizations, IT bank departments, government agencies, etc. 

Graduates must solve the following tasks: programming intelligent applications; designing intelligent systems; management of a group of developers (Team Lead, Project Manager); management of the implementation and maintenance of information systems for storing, processing, and analyzing big data.

Unique advantages of the program

Graduates will gain practical skills in leading manufacturing and IT companies in Russia.

Classes are held by teachers-practitioners who work on the development of intelligent systems and BigData technology.

Graduates get the opportunity for adaptive learning, regardless of the initial level of training.