• ‘Big Data Management’

    • Off-site
    • 2,5 years
    • RU
    • 370 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)

Program description

The program aims to train specialists responsible for operations with the most valuable resource of any company – data and information.

Graduates of our program are specialists of a wide profile, able to develop the concept and architecture of a data processing system, possess data processing tools and as well as to build digital models of company management, regardless of their size.

The program includes theory and a lot of practical exercises, solving cases, and working on real equipment.

The world of today and of the future is the world of data. Rapid accumulation and exponential growth of data volume causes a large shortage of data processing specialists. Our joint task is to provide students with deep knowledge, practical skills, and excellent prospects.

Students have only online classes (you do not need to come to the University to attend classes). You will be able to study online from any location in the world. You will need to come to the University only at the end of your studies to pass the State Final Examination. All lectures will be available on the record, and classes will be held in real time on the VK Teams platform according to the schedule (on Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00).

Program managers

Shevtsov Vasily Viktorovich

  • PhD in Technical Sciences.
  • Head of the Department of Information Technologies of RUDN, Head of the Department of Information Technologies in Continuing Education of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Comparative Educational Policy RUDN
  • Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Information Technology and Big Data Analysis of the FinU.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to

  • Professionally administer MS SQL Server DBMS for corporate sector purposes.
  • Design a MongoDB non-relational data processing system, create, configure individual components and their interaction, administer and use for data processing.
  • Perform data analysis and processing in the DAX language, which is a unique tool for working in PowerBI and SQL Server Analysis Services corporate data analysis environments.
  • Connect various data sources, perform their transformation and loading (ETL), design and construct interactive reports in the PowerBI business intelligence environment.
  • Design the Hadoop ecosystem for big data processing purposes, configure their interaction, use MapReduce algorithms to implement.
  • Form requirements and design the architecture of the corporate data warehouse (DataLake) for the purposes of subsequent processing as part of the formation of the company’s digital management model.

Key disciplines of the concentration

Administration of Relational Databases

Principles, tools, and mechanisms of building an effective data processing management system in a relational model are studied.

Data Processing in the DAX Language

A promising language for constructing expressions for data analysis is studied. The DAX language is fundamentally different from the SQL query language and is designed to work effectively in a column database environment.

Data Visualization Tools

Cases and practical tasks for building interactive reports are studied. Possession of only this skill guarantees employment in highly paid positions.

The Use of Non-Relational Databases in Big Data Processing

Construction of big data processing systems is impossible within the framework of a relational model, and therefore students of the program are given theoretical and practical skills in designing, building and working with a non-relational data processing model

Processing of Static and Streaming Big Data

This discipline is taught at the final stages of the program. It is based on previously acquired knowledge and forms students’ practical competencies in designing and building a corporate data processing environment as well as in processing big data.

Corporate Data Analysis

The discipline examines cases and practical tasks in the field of consolidation and comprehensive analysis of company data, as well as external sources. The discipline forms competencies for the formation of a company’s digital management model.


A graduate of the program can work:

  • An analyst of the corporate sector;
  • An architect and direct designer of business intelligence projects;
  • An administrator of relational, non-relational databases, corporate storage and big data processing systems;
  • A specialist in system construction and direct data preparation for the formation of a company digital management model.

Organizations where you can find a job

Unique advantages of the program

Training of a universal specialist capable of working with almost any data source.

One of the main principles of solving practical cases is scalability, i.e., the knowledge gained can be applied in any company of any scale

Portfolio with ready-made projects in data processing and visualization.

Practical skills at all stages of working with data: design, implementation, and processing.

The demand for specialists working with corporate sector data in the present and future.

Practical orientation of the program. Solving real problems and cases. Working with live data on industrial stands