• ‘Business Strategies and Finance’

    • Off-site
    • 2,5 years
    • RU
    • 200 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Economic Theory
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)

Program description

This program is based on a combination of managerial and financial competencies. It is aimed at training highly qualified managers and analysts who possess modern methodology and applied tools for strategy development and financial management of various companies and sectors of the economy.

Graduates of the program have professional competencies in the expertise of business development strategy and financial policy, business growth management, mergers and acquisitions, financial asset management, strategic financial management of business based on a value-based approach, restructuring and financial reorganization of business, information support of strategies and tactics of financial management based on IFRS, protection of shareholders and countering corporate raiding, etc.

Upon completion of the program, graduates work in commercial and government organizations, financial, investment and consulting companies, as well as non-profit organizations.

The training program is conducted completely online from anywhere in the world. You will need to come to the University only at the end of your studies to pass the State Final Examination. All lectures will be available on the record, and seminars will be held on Saturdays in real time on the Teams platform.

All lectures will be available on the record, and seminars will be held in real time on the Teams platform according to the schedule (on Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00).

Program managers

Klevtsov Vitaly Vladimirovich

  • Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Financial Management and Investment Management.
  • Head of the Department of Financial Management and Investment Management. 
  • Rector of ANO DPO “Moscow Academy of Professional Competences". 
  • President of the National Association of Organizations and Specialists of Education and Science, member of the Dissertation Council at MGIMO, PFUR, and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to

  • Develop new lines of business for organizations and corresponding business models.
  • Take organizational and managerial decisions, assess their effectiveness and ensure their implementation.
  • Evaluate effectiveness and performance of the organization.
  • Apply various business growth strategies to improve the well-being of owners.
  • Develop a system of measures for restructuring and reorganizing the business.
  • Develop a company strategy and manage business and its financial risks.

Key disciplines of the concentration

Strategic Financial Management

Within the framework of the discipline, the issues of projects’ capital investment financial evaluation are studied; selection of criteria for making investment decisions, choosing the optimal option for capital investment, determining sources of financing as well as company value before and as a result of the strategy implementation, etc., and practical skills of organizing strategic management of enterprise financial flows, considering industry specifics, are formed.

Expertise of Business Development Strategy and Financial Policy

The discipline is aimed at acquiring the skills of in-depth analysis of business development strategy and its financial policy. The ability to carry out expertise is significant in the process of training modern specialists in the field of strategic and financial management of companies. Students acquire the skills of forming a company’s business model, its linking with the company’s development strategy, developing recommendations on positioning and pricing policy; development of KPIs (strategic goal meters), examination of the company’s financial policy using a matrix of financial strategies and other tools.

Business Growth Management, Mergers and Acquisitions

Within the framework of the discipline, various transactions are investigated, including M&A transactions that ensure business growth and the acquisition of competitive advantages; directions for minimizing stakeholder risk and successful integration of companies are diagnosed; measures are developed: making a decision on the strategic feasibility of conducting a transaction to strengthen competitive advantages and maximize the company value, screening and scoring of possible companies for acquisition, choosing a company-goals, negotiation strategy development, integration process design; an assessment of the acquired business and options for the value of the acquired business is carried out.

Financial Asset Management

The discipline is aimed at building a methodology for financial asset management aimed at optimizing cash flows by synchronizing the receipt of funds and their expenditure; the formation of financial resources in sufficient volume to meet the company needs at any stage of its life cycle, taking into account the financial potential of the company, borrowing capacity; maximizing the welfare of the company owners while minimizing economic risks; ensuring the financial balance of the company.

Business Restructuring and Financial Reorganization

Students will learn how to identify and justify the most effective tools aimed at solving a set of tasks related to business growth, with the need for better management under external factors to reduce commercial and legal risks, optimize corporate governance processes, increase the company’s investment attractiveness. Focus restructuring aspects, that is, partial restructuring aimed at individual processes or assets and complex restructuring affecting all areas of activity and business units of the company, are investigated.

Information Support of Financial Management Strategy and Tactics Based on IFRS

The discipline is aimed at studying international financial reporting standards as rules and procedures that provide a financial director (financial manager) with information for making strategic and tactical decisions. The focus of the discipline is also financial indicators that reflect all the results of the company’s work, affect the quotes of its securities. The discipline allows you to form the skills of choosing a suitable company for investment, monitoring the company’s activities.


A graduate of the program can work as:

  • CFO / financial manager;
  • Financial/ investment analyst;
  • Financial/investment advisor;
  • Financial risk manager;
  • Financial advisor / personal manager;
  • Portfolio manager;
  • Head / specialist of the Department of IFRS methodology (management reporting), etc.

Organizations where you can find a job

Unique advantages of the program

The educational process includes modern forms of education: case studies, online courses, business games, IT simulations, master classes and training courses by representatives of international companies.

Students can prepare for the ACCA and CFA international certification.

The distinctive feature of the program is the combination of basic training in financial management and capital market with special knowledge available for modern financiers.

A strong community of students and alumni, most of the latter are already accomplished entrepreneurs and active investors.

The learning process includes not only theory and seminars, but also master classes from potential employers and many professional events.