• ‘Tax and Customs Support of Business’

    • Off-site
    • 2,5 years
    • RU
    • 200 000 RUB
  • Entrance exams

    • Economic Theory
    • Foreign language (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish)

Program description

“Tax and Customs Support of Business” is a program for those who want to be a specialist in the field of tax and customs tariff consulting.

The program is unique since it is implemented in an interactive form, gives a theoretical and practical background, a combination of knowledge in the field of taxation, customs and tariff regulation, international trade, law. This knowledge is essential to make decisions on optimizing tax and customs payments, considering the specifics of the transaction.

Our graduate students will master modern educational technologies, acquire in-depth knowledge and professional skills necessary to work in various economic sectors, since effective business taxation management is a strategic task of any company.

The master’s degree program is based on a combination of fundamental theoretical material and practice, which makes it possible to form modern knowledge and competencies.

Students have only online classes. You will be able to study online from anywhere in the world. You will need to come to the University only at the end of your studies to pass the State Final Examination. All lectures will be available on the record, and classes will be held in real time on the Teams platform according to the schedule (on Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00).

Program managers

Sidorova Elena Yurievna

  • Doctor of Economics, Professor.
  • Professor of the Department of Taxes and Tax Administration.
  • Practical experience in tax authorities. Specialization in the field of customs and tariff regulation, taxation of foreign economic activity, determination of customs value

Advokatova Alyona Stanislavovna

  • PhD in Economics, Master's degree in Law.
  • Senior Lecturer of the Department of Taxes and Tax Administration of the Faculty of Taxes, Audit and Business Analysis.
  • Specialist in Tax Administration and Control.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to

  • Advise clients on the taxation of foreign economic activity and the movement of capital as well as the determination of customs value.
  • Make organizational and managerial decisions to identify tax risks in the process of business structuring.
  • Analyze and evaluate the tax burden of taxpayers, implement measures to optimize it.
  • Apply innovative technologies, methods of system analysis and modeling of economic processes in the formulation and solution of multinational companies’ taxation.
  • Communicate professionally with business and public sector representatives in the Russian Federation and abroad in case of customs and tax disputes.
  • Use economic and legal knowledge when consulting on taxation of foreign trade participants.

Key disciplines of the concentration

Practical Aspects of the Customs Code Application in the Eurasian Economic Union

In-depth study of issues related to customs regulation both at the international and national levels, as well as the study of customs legislation and, especially, the Customs Code of the EAEU.

Modern Problems of Customs Control After the Release of Goods

During the theoretical and practical course graduate students consider ways to improve the processes of payment and administration of customs duties, taxes, and other payments to the customs authorities.

Customs Issues in International Taxation

Graduates study taxation of international organizations of foreign trade in goods, as well as the system of international agreements/conventions covering customs taxation of foreign trade in goods are considered.

Tax Risks in the Risk Management System

The discipline will allow you to master modern methods to identify, determine, analyze, evaluate, and manage tax risks of the state and economic entities.

Taxes and Entrepreneurship

In-depth study of assessing tax impact on the entrepreneurial activity of organizations. Study of the features of indirect and direct taxation of entrepreneurial activity.

Tax Consulting Workshop

Theoretical and practical course where graduate students consider the features of tax consulting of economic entities.


Our alumni are professionals in tax and customs support of large and medium-sized Russian companies, companies with foreign investments, including:

  • Tax support of transactions related to investments in the form of capital investments, financial investments;
  • Tax support of business structuring transactions (reorganization, merger, acquisition) and company assets;
  • Tax and customs tariff support of business development in the sectoral context (industrial, agricultural, informational, financial, etc.).

Students get internships in corporate risk management structures; leading domestic and foreign consulting companies; financial and tax authorities.

Organizations where you can find a job

Unique advantages of the program

Students will study types and consequences of tax risks during the development and implementation of business projects.

Students will be able to evaluate the results of business structuring transactions, tax optimization schemes and customs regulation.

Students will be able to defend the company interests in a reasoned manner in tax and other state control and financial authorities.

Practical knowledge of dispute resolution and issues of tax and customs legislation in arbitration courts and tax authorities.

A unique master’s degree program that forms professional competencies in the field of taxation, customs and tariff regulation, international trade, and law.

The priority of interactive forms and methods of teaching, classes are held online, which facilitates the learning process and increases the efficiency of using your time when combining training with practice.