Reduced Programs Institute

Fill out the ELECTRONIC APPLICATION FORM of the APPLICANT, attaching copies of documents in the format.JPG List of required documents:

  • state diploma of higher education
  • diploma transcript indicating grades and the number of hours in each discipline
  • for students – certificate of study or the period of study, certificate of secondary education
  • for non-state universities – a license for the right to conduct educational activities, a certificate of state accreditation
  • three matte photos (3x4);
  • proof of name change
  • a copy of the passport.
  • Call the Admissions Office for more information and to follow up (Monday-Friday from 10.00 to 19.00) Admissions Office of the Institute of Abridged Programs:


    Alibek Safarovich Gukov

    Director of the Institute

    Varfolomeev Vladimir Denisovich

    Deputy Director of the Institute of Reduced Programs