Student Groups & Activities


Expeditionary Club

What do we do?
– We establish and implement programmes and activities aimed at promoting and developing sports tourism, mountaineering, trailing and tracking;
– We organise and conduct training to prepare club members for travelling, expeditions and climbing up the mountain peaks according to classified routes;
– We organise tours, expeditions and climbs;
– We organise events connected with preventative measures and healthcare, physical education and sports.

Current projects:
– Project "Russia from Edge to Edge"
Our objective is to become the first among Russian universities to represent Financial University at all continental extremes as well as the highest and deepest points of the Russian Federation by 31 December 2020;

– Photo Contest "Russia from Edge to Edge"
We want draw attention to the project "Russia from Edge to Edge" and to ensure that this project is covered in all channels of communication to popularise the regions of Russia;

– Russia 360°
We aim to film a series of videos from various locations in Russia on camera 360°;

– Series of thematic lectures
We are planning to hold a series of open lectures on sports tourism and mountaineering for students at the Financial University.

Head of the club — Zaur Khatsukov https://vk.com/sakatekaa

Follow us https://vk.com/expclub


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