Student Groups & Activities

Dagestani Students Community of the Financial University

The Dagestani Students Community of the Financial University is a public association formed to integrate Dagestan undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates and alumni of the Financial University.

The aims of the community are to:
– Create national cultural environment for the Dagestani youth and students at the Financial University;
– Help preserve and enhance the ethnocultural, spiritual, educational and intellectual potential of the Dagestani youth;
– Promote cultural, scientific and business cooperation with all the peoples living in Moscow and their social, cultural and educational associations.

The community’s mission is to:
– Organise various activities aimed at developing professional skills of students;
– Cooperate with the state bodies, voluntary organisations and movements, as well as international governmental and non-governmental organisations;
– Develop friendly relations among students both within the Financial University and in the inter-university environment;
– Promote social protection and social activity of the Dagestani youth.

Chairman of the community — Hamzat Mohammedov
Press Secretary of the Community — Zarif Mohammedov

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