International Orientation

Do you want to find out about the possibility of becoming enrolled to one of the best economic universities in the country?

Do you want to find out about the Financial University?

The Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation is one of the leading publicly-funded higher education institutions. It has been on the Top 10 list of the Russian universities for quite some time. It is the key education center where management professionals are trained who can work in government institutions, banks, insurance and audit companies. It is on Top 5 list of universities whose graduates who are in most demand on the labor market.

The mission of the Financial University is to train highly-adaptive professionals who would be competitive on a global scale, who would become part of the best personnel pool, and who would be able to resolve social, economic issues our country and the international community face.


1. It is a university with a history of 102 years.
2. It is a publicly-funded institution.
3. Your tuition fee expenses can be covered by the budget funds.
4. We offer double degree programs.
5. We have a well-developed campus infrastructure and facilities.
6. We have a Military Training Department.
7. Students at the University live a multifaceted, diverse life.
8. Our graduates have good employability prospects.
9. We offer international student exchange and mobility programs.
10. We have our own recreation center.
11. We have a sports center.


Date and Time


14 December 2020 ​

"Pre-University Training Faculty is your first step on a way to your higher educational certificate"

-Learn Russian to be able to study at a Russian university.

-Get a certificate that confirms your level of Russian and get 20 extra points you can add to your portfolio.

- Get a great chance to pay no tuition fee while studying.

-Brush up your knowledge of the subjects and pass the exams.

-Learn about the Russian traditions and get adjusted to a new way of life.

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21 December 2020 

"The Financial University is a university you should become enrolled to if you want to build a brilliant career"  

International student admission rules and regulations.

An orientation program for the international applicants featuring Russian education opportunities.  ​

18 January 2021 

"Financial University without Borders"

An orientation program for the international applicants where the Financial University student adjustment system is described.​

25 January​​ 2021 

Financial University International Student Program Faculty of Tax, Audit and Business Analysis​

Do you want to become a professional in international trade? The Bachelor program in International Trade and Taxation is made for you! We will show you how to negotiate and conclude international sales contracts with taxes and customs duties due, perform customs clearance and manage supply chains. You will study international taxation and learn how to carry out tax and commercial structuring of foreign trade transactions. Join our webinar to find out more!

8 February 2021 

"Financial University International Mobility Programs"

How to become a professional who would be in demand in any country of the world? 

Do you think that dreaming about becoming an international student is like building castles in the air?  

​No, you are wrong.

This is a unique experience, an excellent investment in your future, and a great learning experience gained abroad.    

20 February 2021 

"Top Professional"

Special guest: Anton Pipko, an alumni of the International Economic Relations Faculty (bachelor’s degree — 2013, master’s degree — 2015). 

The guest will share his perspective on unique and not always obvious opportunities offered by the Financial University, share his experience of building an international career in the world of big corporations, as well as combining professional and family life.​

​1 March 2021 12:00

Financial University International Student Program Faculty of Tax, Audit and Business Analysis​​​

15 March 2021 

Financial University International Student Program  

International Business Faculty

​29 March 2021 12:00

Interactive workshop "Who wants to be a businessman"

5 April 2021 12:00

Online game "Project for the development of "Technical vision" in road transport"

Imagine your car surveys the distance like an eagle and at the same time notices every little detail right under the wheels. Shows you what is around and how rapid it movies. Identifies it and predicts risks. And all these in dense fog. Do you want to join us and discover how to manage such tough artificial intelligence​ projects? Welcome and drive safely!

12 April 2021 

"Online game " Lawyer of international law"​"

We will tell you about the faculty of law, how we teach future lawyers to become specialists for any country! 


​​​​If you have any questions, please contact us by email EANikiforova@fa.ru​ with the subject line "International orientation". This is your curator who will accompany you at every event.​