Dear foreign nationals,

We are glad to announce that we are now accepting for consideration applications submitted by foreign national wishing to become enrolled to the Financial University master degree programs in the 2020/2021​ academic year.

The deadline for the electronic document submission is 4:00 PM (Moscow Time), 20 June 2020 If you wish to become enrolled to a master training program in 2020, you should apply by sending an e-mail to: interpriem@fa.ru
Foreign nationals who apply to be enrolled to the master degree programs should submit a portfolio​​ and a letter of motivation or take part in International Competition of the Financial University​ ​

Please consult the list of master programs on offer at the Financial University before applying.

This is the list of documents you should submit to apply:

The documents should be scanned and submitted in color in .jpeg format.

Document formatting requirements

The international applicants’ documents should be translated into Russian and the document translations should be certified by a notary public. The code and the name of the program/concentration indicated by the foreign national should coincide with the code/name indicated in the official master program list. ​

The master program applicants should indicate not more than two programs and two concentrations.

Please note that the final decision for the tuition fee compensation from the budget funds and the student admission is at the discretion of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.