Career Guidance Lab


Laboratory objectives:

  • To develop and use modern approaches to and methods of social and psychological assistance to people of various age groups (incl. school students, university applicants, students of post-secondary schools, master, bachelor program students and postgraduate students) in independent choice of a profession and professional development taking into account the individual characteristics and the society's, economic and labor market requirements;
  • Distance learning mode;
  • This is your opportunity to study whenever and wherever you want;
  • The video lectures are fully accessible 24/7/365;
  • The after-lecture tests are conducted online, you have 3 tries to answer the questions in each test;
  • The courses are taught in Russian and in English.

  • Key career guidance goals:

  • To disseminate information and educate about the choice of a profession;
  • To offer professional psycho-diagnostics, incl. individual and group examinations, online START testing;
  • To offer professional counseling, psychological assistance through personal and online consultations;
  • To offer career advice and develop an individual employment trajectory;
  • To offer professional adaptation services and accelerate the process of entering the professional environment.

  • Career Guidance Lab:

  • List of professions
  • Video lectures on career guidance
  • Free trainings for university applicants
  • Individual consultations
  • Online consultations
  • Trainings

  • Our Projects:

  • FINrise Competition
  • Career guidance organizer's diary
  • Monthly career guidance events
  • International Student Research Congress
  • League of Young Financial Experts
  • ProMotion
  • Growth Point Forum
  • Exciting Holidays of the Generation Z
  • University Saturdays
  • Financial Literacy Festival
  • Children's Centers and Education Centers

  • Financial University Youth Programs

  • Okean All-Russia Children's Center
  • Orlyonok All-Russia Children's Center
  • Smena All-Russia Children's Center
  • IArtek International Children's Center
  • Summer Program
  • Autumn Program
  • Winter Program
  • Spring Program

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