28 Мая 2021

Gamification of the Education Process and Co-learning System: Understanding New Educational Technologies

We continue to present the news of the Summer School 2021. We have updated the program with a number of new events. Today’s digest issue of the School of Master Classes will be of particular use to the teaching staff.

Currently, the whole educational community is engaged in the process of transforming the role of the teacher: they are not a source of ready-made knowledge anymore. Therefore, higher educational institutions need educational and research environments in which learners' initiatives can best be implemented. In such environments, the teacher mainly stimulates project and research activities of students, and provides navigation activity for small groups and teams. One of the tools for introducing intensive forms of education is the Co-learning Center, a format of an innovative learning audience built and equipped on the principle of prioritising a collaborative learning strategy. 

On June 22 at 14.00, Director of the FinU Center for Political Research Elena Brodovskaya will introduce the students to the processes of organising the educational and research environment in the university through the Co-learning Center. Seating is limited. Register here. 

We are increasingly hearing about the need for new learning formats. Among them, the most important is the use of gaming, which is applied not only in the educational process, but also in building its trajectory. 

On June 23 at 14.00, the Master Class "Professional Test Platform: Learning to Work with an Interdisciplinary Simulator" will take place offline. As part of the master class, speakers will talk about the use of simulators in the teaching process, focus on the experience of using simulators and the simulators available at the Financial University. The speakers will also present the new interdisciplinary simulator "Platform for Professional Debuts" and will demonstrate its capacities along with activities of different organisations to increase students' awareness of their career choices. Seating is limited. Register here. 

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