20 May 2021

Railways that Changed Russia

On May 20, 2021, a traditional lecture on Russian culture and history within the "The Russian Way" program was held at the FinU Lecture Center. The event was organised by the FinU International Students and Faculty Department.

This time, Head of the Department for International Student and Faculty Support Daniil Sin gave a lecture on the construction of railways and bridges, detailing the role of railway bridges in the history of Russia and a number of brilliant projects by Russian engineers.

The discoveries made by the Russian engineers at the turn of the 19th turned out to be so breakthrough that they haven’t lost their relevance even today, as they are used in the construction of bridges. Although the Avantgarde of contemporary bridge construction has shifted towards highway bridges, the role of railway bridges is still hard to underestimate

Daniel Sin

The lecture featured a lively discussion, the participants asked their questions and received detailed answers.

Friendly reminder: regular participation in the lectures allows foreign students to get extra points for their admissions portfolio required for entering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

See you at the Lecture Centre “The Russian Way”!