30 Апреля 2021

Olympiad on the History of Russia and “Common Pages" of the History of the Russian and Greek peoples

The Russian-Greek Year of History was announced in 2021. Financial University hosted the Russian History and Russian-Greek Common Past Competition on April 22, 2021 within the framework of programs implemented during the Russian-Greek Year of History.

The Competition was part of the International Financial UniversityYoung People Competition. The Cross Year of History is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the struggle for liberation and independence of the Greek people. Russia played an important part in the struggle and had a great impact on the Greek people and democracy in the nation.

In turn, Greeks and representatives of the Greek diaspora made a big contribution to Russia’s cultural, economic, and institutional development. Greek school students and other young Greek people took part in the Competition conducted in the e-format. Financial University abs the All-Slavic Union of Greece and the Slavyanka School are the Russian and Greek Competition organisers. The Competition results will be announced later, after May 15, 2021.