22 Апреля 2021

International Seminar "Peculiarities of Business Development in the Conditions of Post-Capitalism: New Realities and Challenges"

April 14-15, 2021, Financial University took part in the international online seminar "Peculiarities of Business Development in the Conditions of Post-Capitalism: New Realities and Challenges", organised jointly by the Department of International Cooperation of the Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University with Varna University of Management (Bulgaria). 

The seminar was attended by teachers, scientists and staff of international services from more than 25 universities from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.

Andrey Rementsov, Deputy Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, participated in the event on behalf of the Financial University.

The main moderator of the seminar was Professor Blagoev Veselin, Director of the Business School of KazHLIU, Vice-Rector of Varna University of Management (Bulgaria). Prof. Blagoev is one of the leading Bulgarian and European scientists in marketing, management, marketing communications, advertising and leadership. As part of his presentation, Professor Blagoev analysed the current and future trends in business and education, showing how finance, robotics and demography will develop. 

The following issues were on the agenda:
– What is post-capitalism? How do big corporations and western politicians perceive it?
– How will the financial systems of countries develop a post-capitalist future?
– What global changes are expected to happen on the labor market?
– How does the development of robotisation in today's world affect structural changes in companies?
– What factors will be the main drivers of the countries' economic growth in the post-COVID period?
– Will there be a universal digital control of humanity in the world?
– What are the characteristics of modern education? What are the main problems of its development in the current circumstances?
– Development of education in Europe and America: progress or regression?
– Will educational systems integrate in the future?

The concept of post-capitalism is a new definition in the scientific community which is actively discussed in foreign research centres and universities. Those global changes in the world economy that took place in 2020 as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic have led to structural changes in all spheres of human life. The educational system around the world has also undergone a number of changes.

Scientists and teachers actively discussed these issues and shared their opinions. The dialogue platform was interesting and productive.