21 Апреля 2021

International Student Case Competition

On April 15-16, 2021, the International Student Case Competition was organised to promote internationalisation and practical skills among students in the field of international business. The case "Digital Telecom 2030" was prepared by the world’s leading consulting company Deloitte.

The competition was organised as part of COIL projects (Collaborative Online International Learning) at the initiative of Nuffic NESO Russia (the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education) with the support of the Financial University, the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University. 

The COIL project gave us an interesting, sometimes challenging, but a truly international experience! Many thanks to everyone for your effective teamwork! Such initiatives are of crucial importance especially in these difficult times

Lilia Prikhodko, Head of the International Relations Department

The tournament began on April 15th. Sybe Noordermeer, Attaché for Innovation, Technology & Science of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow, greeted the participants with welcoming remarks. 

Sixty undergraduate students participated in the competition. Financial University was represented by students of the International Economic Relations Faculty and the Higher School of Management. 

The case prepared by Deloitte distributed the students in such a way that each team included one student from a different university and country. 

During the second day, the student teams presented the jury their practical solutions to the business case. Students from different cities, countries and even time zones collaborated on preparing presentations.

In the final selection, the jury selected three teams of winners. The FinU students are among the winners!

Sergey Maksimov, IFF18-3k — 1st group place.
Sofia Makarkina, IFF18-1 — 2nd group place.
Kirill Danko, IFF18-1 — 3rd group place.
Anna Rabbe, MAN18-1 — entered semifinals, in the first five groups of 10.

But the most important outcome of the game was the victory of collaboration and friendship!


"COIL Projects are a fantastic combination of working hard on business case solutions and informal communication with colleagues from different countries. During the first day, after we were given a chance to meet each other, the topic of the case was introduced. After receiving the necessary information, we started working on it and spent the whole day searching for the best solution and its practical confirmation, using various research tools. At the beginning of the second day, we presented our solutions. Our team made it to the final — we are in top 5 best performances! The event went well, in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere, which prevailed throughout the whole event. I would like to thank the Rotterdam University and the Financial for their collaboration and this valuable experience", says Anna Rabbe, a student at the Higher School of Management. 

"It was a great experience. It was a great opportunity to work with foreign students and learn something new about business. I also enjoyed practicing business English. Thank you for this unique  opportunity to participate in the event. If anything like that ever repeats, I’d love to do it again!”, says Shiryat Mandzhiev, a student of the FinU Higher School of Management.


"It was an interesting experience. Personally I think that in-depth preparation was missing, but I would like to stress that the participants had only one day to get ready. It was interesting to interact with colleagues from other countries, as well as to work with students from foreign universities. Thank you for inviting me to this event", shares Stepan Alexa, a member of jury, Higher School of Management, Director of "LegalInvest".

"I am grateful to COIL projects for new experience, acquaintances and skills! These were two busy days, full of bright ideas, challenges and non-standard approaches to solving business cases. The students have just aced the task! Good job", shares Maria Arakcheeva, a member of the jury, Faculty of International Economic Relations.

"At the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences we do believe in bringing young people together from all over the world through educational projects. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on education, but one of its benefits is shifting our focus on COIL projects. It was an excellent intercultural educational experience for all 60 students. We have made new friends around the world and especially in Russia. Thank you very much for sharing this experience. We look forward to strengthening our cooperation and getting new opportunities", shares Ria Slingerland, a member of jury, Rotterdam University.