21 Апреля 2021

Celebrating Easter in Russia

​On April 16, 2021, a traditional lecture on Russian culture and history "The Russian Way" was held at the FinU Lecture Center. This time the lecture was dedicated to special Easter traditions in Russia. The event was organised by the FinU International Students and Faculty Department with the aim of promoting a multifaceted and rich Russian culture to foreign students.

Head of the Department for International Student and Faculty Support Daniil Sin spoke about the history and traditions of Easter celebrations in Russia, noting which games were commonly played during this holiday. Moreover, the students found out about the songs, khorovods (round dances) and dances traditionally performed in Russia. Last but not least, the students had a chance to try traditional Easter dishes.

Friendly reminder: regular participation in the lectures allows foreign students to get extra points for their admissions portfolio required for entering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

See you at the Lecture Centre “The Russian Way”!