19 Апреля 2021

Nineteenth-Century Russian Art

On April 16, 2021, an open lesson dedicated to 19th-century Russian art took place at the Pre-University Training Faculty.

During the class, the students found out about the most famous works by outstanding Russian artists of the 19th century:

– I.K. Aivazovsky;
– E.E. Repin;
– V.M. Vasnetsov;
– I.I. Shishkin;
– V.I. Surikov;
– A.I. Kuindji.

At the beginning of the class, the students learned some new vocabulary on the topic and also talked about different styles of artwork. In addition, they discussed the museums where these paintings are kept.

At the end of the open lesson, the students wrote a quiz on Russian painters and how they had contributed to the world of art.