19 Апреля 2021

What Makes a Talented Leader?

April 16-18, 2021, the Forest Lake Resort hosted a training session for foreign students dedicated to developing leadership qualities. 

The trip was organised by the International Students and Faculty Department together with the Laboratory "Talents of the Future" and the Department of Social Work.

The event was dedicated to active and comprehensive development of leadership qualities among students.

Students from 15 countries gathered together to answer the following questions:
– How do you develop leadership skills?
– Who is the leader? Why should you become one?
– How can you become more interesting to others?
– How should you set a goal and achieve the desired result?

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Alexander Linnikov opened the session with some welcoming remarks. After conducting a survey "Who is your leader?”, the Vice-Rector noticed that if political and business personalities prevailed last year, this year the students gave examples of famous cultural figures, spiritual advisors with some of them also mentioning their parents, grandparents as their role models who are influencing the formation and development of their personality.

The intensive two-day program included a unique training session developed by Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Psychology and Development of Human Capital, Head of the Laboratory "Talents of the Future" Elena Pryazhnikova.  

The workshop included the following modules:
– Emotional Leader;
– Business Leader;
– Situational Leader.

During the event, the students were able to develop their leadership potential and test their managerial skills. Thanks to the wonderful sunny weather, it was also possible to hold all of the planned competitions in the fresh air!

All participants noted the relevance of such activities, indicating that there exists a necessity to hold them on a regular basis.  

The next retreat is scheduled for October.