22 Марта 2021

Prof. Semyon Yermakov Dies at 96

Prof. Semyon Yermakov — Veteran of the Great Patriotic War, FinU alumni, Chairman of the Council of Veterans, Advisor to the Rector — passed away on March 20, 2021.

The FinU team staff would like to express our sincere condolences to Prof. Yermakov’s family, colleagues and friends. We bow our heads. RIP

It will take us a long time to get used to working without Prof. Semyon Yermakov. He was known and loved by the whole Financial University. He came to his office daily on Kibalchicha Street, worked hard, met with students and teachers. Prof. Yermakov’s last major project was the book "The Great Victory Is the Same for Everyone" , dedicated to the memory of the feat of the Soviet people in the years of war. It was he who inspired and initiated the creation of the monument to the 13th People’s Militia Division installed near the FinU first building which FinU students and teachers left for war.

Prof. Semyon Yermakov attached great importance to educational work with students and managed to do so much in this direction. Meetings with him were not "just for the record", he always managed to get the students interested in the story, make them dive into the past, and to convey the significance of the people’s feat in the Great Patriotic War.

We will always remember Prof. Semyon Yermakov. He will always stay a role model to our children and grandchildren, being a real person, an example of valour and courage, responsibility and care, kindness and a determined character.