22 Марта 2021

Briefing by the FinU International Cooperation Office

Head of the International Students and Faculty Department Anatoly Kislyakov opened the event with a welcome address. Then Mr Kislyakov elaborated on the adaptation process of foreign students at the Financial University.

We launched a special Russian Speaking Club at the Financial University, where every week foreign students have an opportunity to boost their vocabulary. This club is intended for those who want to meet new friends and to overcome the language barrier

Anatoly Kislyakov

​At the meeting, FinU Deputy Deans for International Cooperation shared the current state of affairs at the faculties. In addition, colleagues discussed the possibility of providing additional assistance to foreign students with the subjects they most struggle with. 

Deputy Dean for International Cooperation Daria Osinina elaborated on the current state of affairs at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Mass Communication.

“The following problem should be stressed: a number of students really do speak Russian but their level is not sufficient. Their knowledge does not allow them to blend into the new team”, notes Daria Osinina.

During the meeting the pressing issues of foreign students at the Financial University were discussed. In the end, it was decided to create additional materials to help students with the most difficult subjects.