10 Марта 2021

Session of the RAS Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of the Department "Institutions of Modern Economy and Innovative Development" of the Institute of Economics, the Russian Academy of Sciences, met on March 4, 2021.

Alexander Linnikov, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, presented a scientific paper on "Competitive Factors of Ensuring Economic Security of Russia in the Conditions of the New Industrial Revolution and the Formation of the Sixth Technological Order".

During the presentation, Mr Linnikov elaborated on Russia’s economic security in the context of the world economies’ transition to a new technological system through accumulating and preserving the country’s human capital. He also presented a methodology for determining the prevailing technological structure of a country’s economy by analysing its trade indicators.

As part of the report, Alexandr Linnikov characterised the impact of human capital on economic security and presented recommendations for forming a strategy to improve its quality so that the competitiveness of the Russian economy would increase.

The presentation also covered the impact of migration on Russia’s international economic security and the methodology developed for estimating the losses of the Russian economy from migration processes. Last but not least, the conclusions on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic were drawn.

At the end of the meeting an intensive discussion took place. Alexander Linnikov was able to answer the questions asked by the reviewers and distinguished members of the Council.