3 Марта 2021

Lecture by Professor from International Business School (Hungary)

February 26 to March 19, 2021, Eva Radvany, Professor of the International Business School (Hungary), will conduct a series of lectures for students of the Financial University as part of the Visiting Professor program.

The IBS (Budapest, Hungary) is a strategic partner of the Financial University. The parties are currently collaborating in realising a joint educational program in Management. 

Professor Radvany has extensive experience in teaching internationally, she is a Certified Professor at Buckingham University and regularly teaches as a visiting professor at the University of Seville (Spain), University of Liverpool (United Kingdom) and the Oxford Brookes University (United Kingdom).

Professor Radvany will be giving lectures and seminars online for master’s degree students from the Faculty of International Economic Relations in the discipline “Strategic Management”. Her lectures will be dedicated to network economics, “Blue ocean strategy” and “Coopetition phenomenon”. The students will be given an opportunity to work on specific cases.

The lectures will take place on the Zoom platform. If you are interested in participating, please contact Margarita Elbert, Chief Expert of the Academic Mobility Department of the Office for International Cooperation at MVEhlbert@fa.ru.

Date and time of the lectures Lecture

26.02.2021  17:20-18:50

Lecture for group IFF17-2 , discipline “Strategic Management”

26.02.2021  18:55-20:25

Lecture for group IFF17-1, discipline “Strategic Management”

05.03.2021 15:40-17:10

Lecture for group IFF17-1,2,3 discipline “Strategic Management”

05.03.2021 17:20-18:50

Lecture for group IFF17-1, discipline “Strategic Management”



Lecture for group IFF17-2, discipline “Strategic Management”