2 Марта 2021


Within the framework of the "Wiseman Online" series of events, a discussion on the topic "Advocacy in Russia: Present and Future” will take place on March 3, 2021 at 17.00.

The link to the broadcast will be available here on March 3rd!

At present, due to the consolidating role of advocacy as one of the key elements of the Russian legal system of Russia and an increased number of public debates on the importance of advocacy to society and the state, professional development of lawyers and their ethical role as representatives and protectors of citizens' rights and freedoms are of particular relevance.

Among the most pressing problems today are, for instance, issues of staff support and professional development of lawyers, quality of legal education, as well as organisation and self-management of the "Law Corporation".

Within the framework of the discussion, leaders of advocacy networks in Russia will share their long-standing working experience of practice in various regions of our country, talk about the most interesting and high-profile cases and discuss top-priority problems of the development and evolution of advocacy as one of the key institutions of civil society in modern Russia.

The invited speakers of the 12th discussion will be:

Konstantin Dobrinin — a prominent Russian lawyer, politician and public figure, State Secretary of the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers, senior partner of the Pen&Paper Bar Association, member of the Federation Council of the Arkhangelsk region, Vice-Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Law and State Building (2012-2015).

Alexander Linnikov — PhD in Legal Sciences, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Assistant Professor at the Department of World Economics and International Business of the Faculty of International Economic Relations at the Financial University, founder of the Bar Association "Linnikov&Partners", Honorary Lawyer of Russia, Honorary Worker of Education of the Russian Federation.

Denis Puchkov — PhD in Legal Sciences, Chairman of the Board of Partners of the Bar Office "LOYS", Senior Professor of Criminal Law of the Ural State University of Law, Honorary Lawyer of Russia, Member of the Committee of Directors at ISC.

The discussion will be moderated by Konstantin Simonov — PhD in Political Science, Professor, Head of Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences and Mass Communications at the Financial University.

Feel free to join the discussion on March 3, 2021!