26 Февраля 2021

Coinage in the Russian Empire

On February 25, 2021 the FinU International Students and Faculty Department held the second lecture on Russian culture and history in the new Lecture Centre "The Russian Way". The main aim of these lectures is to promote a multifaceted and rich Russian culture to foreign students.

Anatoly Kislyakov, Head of the International Students and Faculty Department, gave a lecture on Coinage in the Russian Empire to foreign students. The participants learnt about the names of money units, the history of their creation and production, and also found out more about famous Russian proverbs and sayings about money.

During the lecture, Prof. Kislyakov told about the origin of such terms as “ruble” and “kopeck” as well as the formation of the monetary system in the Russian Empire.

Friendly reminder: regular participation in the lectures allows foreign students to get extra points for their admissions portfolio required for entering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

See you at the Lecture Centre “The Russian Way”!