15 Февраля 2021

Public Talk by ALTHAUS

On February 19, 2021, ALTHAUS will hold a public talk "Due Diligence as Part of the M&A Deal: Financial and Tax Evaluation. Business Valuation".

The event will take place as part of the educational process for juniors of the Faculty of Taxes, Audit and Business Analysis.

Where? Verkhnyaya Maslovka, 15, classroom 462. 

When? 10.10 am


Elena Shuvalova, Corporate Finance Director at ALTHAUS;

Marat Fazlirakhmanov, Senior Manager, Department of Transaction Support at ALTHAUS;

Maxim Strazh, Senior Manager, Department of Tax Transaction Support at ALTHAUS.

On the agenda:

1. Due Diligence:

Financial evaluation:

– Information sources to be used in drawing conclusions;
– Sector specific information (from IT startups, media companies to leaders in infrastructure development);
– Key financial indicators (EBITDA, Net Debt, Net Working Capital).

– Tax assessment:
– The main procedures for assessment of tax;
– Typical tax risks, which are the most common in practice.

2. Valuation:

– Structures and principles of a valuation report, approaches to valuation and key value drivers;
– An example of business valuation (food industry) through an income approach.

The event is supported by the Office for Career Development, Alumni Relations and Partnerships and the Faculty of Taxation, Audit and Business Analysis.