5 Февраля 2021

FinU Graduates Express their Gratitude

The class of 2019/20 of the FinU Pre-University Training Faculty expresses tremendous gratitude to the teachers and management of the Financial University!


"When I first arrived in Moscow, I didn’t know a word of Russian, except the word "privet". On my way from the airport, when I got in the cab and heard my friend talking to the driver, I said to myself, I’d never be able to learn this language. Just one year of studies at the FinU Pre-University Training Faculty helped me greatly in learning Russian and made my daily life in Russia easier. It also became possible for me to do my master’s degree in Economics. I would like to take this opportunity and thank all the teachers and the Dean’s Office for all their efforts they’ve made to make this school year happen for us despite the pandemic. Only thanks to them this year was a success", says Zioui Soufiane (Algeria).


"Studying Russian at the Pre-University Training Faculty helped me a lot to achieve my goal: now I am a student of the University of Medicine. Thanks to these courses, not only did I enter the university of my dream, but also I learned the language to communicate with people as without knowing Russian life in Moscow can be very difficult. I want to thank all the FinU Pre-University Training Faculty staff for being so nice", comments Ahmad Bilal (Lebanon). 


"It is an excellent program for those who know nothing about the Russian language and want to learn to speak it. The Pre-University Training Faculty helped us to acquire the basic knowledge of Russian, successfully study the basic disciplines and adapt to living in Russia", notes Iriyagollage Janaka Chamath Dilhara (Sri Lanka).


My name is Zeinab Hassan Abdi. I’m from Djibouti. I studied the FinU Pre-University Training Faculty where I was taught not only to speak Russian, but also to write, understand, and think in Russian. We studied different disciplines that helped us greatly in our current master’s studies", says Zainab Hassan Abdi.


"The FinU Pre-University Training Faculty not only gave me a chance to learn Russian, but also helped me enter a new reality, I mean, my studies, as well as to understand and learn the culture of this country. Thanks to the Pre-University Training Faculty, it is easier for me to study Economics at the Financial University. I can’t express how grateful I am to my teachers and the Dean’s Office for all their efforts", notes Gomes Correia Jueline Wilque (Guinea-Bissau).


"Studying at the Pre-University Training Faculty helped me learn Russian and interact with my classmates. I also learned a lot about the Russian culture",says Sibanda Annah Aisha (Botswana).


"Studying at the Pre-University Training Faculty became an excellent start for achieving my goals, getting new experiences, meeting friends and getting to know different cultures. Financial University is the place where I’ve made my first step to my future career", says Malekibashmahaleh Mina (Iran).


"When I arrived in Moscow I didn’t know a single word in Russian except "privet". The Pre-University Training Faculty helped me not only learn Russian but also taught me how to live in Moscow. History of Russia, Russian customs and traditions — I managed to learn all this at the Pre-University Training Faculty. I was also lucky to live in an international community, to make new friends from all over the world and find out more about their cultures. All this became possible only thanks to the Pre-University Training Faculty", notes Rahaman Mahfuzur (Bangladesh).


"The FinU Pre-University Training Faculty helped me a lot during my stay in Moscow. I made new friends and prepared well for my future master’s degree", comments Roukia Omar Mohamed (Djibouti).

"Studies at the FinU Pre-University Training Faculty taught me to speak, study, read and understand the subjects I am studying now, make presentations and, of course, meet new friends", notes Hassan Mahaman Moubarak (Niger).

"I got a remarkable experience studying at the Pre-University Training Faculty, and compared to other universities, I can say, the training offered here is up to the mark. Moscow is a dazzling city, the culture of Russia is interesting and diverse, and I think you can always do something new here. Besides, its architecture is impressive, as well as its infrastructure and environment friendliness", says Yepes Vera Milagros Mayely (Ecuador).

"My name is Donovan Yael Ramírez Valdez, I’m a freshman at the Financial University. The Pre-University Training Faculty helped me a lot to learn Russian, to adapt to the university, its classrooms and my new student life in Moscow. At present, thanks to this faculty, I managed to join the motorcycle team and to participate in races at different motor-racing tracks in Russia. The Pre-University Training Faculty was central to me, and it helped me in many spheres of my life, both at the university and in my favourite sport (motorsport). Only thanks to my studies here, I could easily get used to living in Russia and enter the University", notes Ramirez Valdés Donovan Yael (Mexico).

"My name is Ymeraj Adriel, I come from Albania. I studied Russian at the FinU Pre-University Training Faculty in 2019-2020. Now I'm studying at the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University.The Pre-University Training Faculty helped me not only to study Russian, but also to get acquainted with the culture of Russia, its peoples and traditions. I think we really worked a lot with the Russian language as well as with the subjects we needed to prepare for our first year at the university. Now I can speak Russian fluently, and what is really important, I can understand the lectures. Many thanks to the Dean’s Office and the teaching staff who helped me learn this beautiful language", shares Ymeraj Adriel (Albania).