18 Января 2021

XII International Students Science Congress

Dear students, guests and friends of the Financial University!

We are glad to invite you to the XII International Students Science Congress "Overcoming the Pandemic: Creativity and Solidarity" which will take place online. 

Science is the most important, the most magnificent, the most necessary element of life; it has always been and always will be the highest manifestation of love, and by it alone will man triumph over nature and himself. – Anton Chekhov

The first stage of XII ISSC — 2021:

February 8-14, 2021: the first intra-faculty qualifying stage. 

The second stage of XII ISSC — 2021:

March 1-15, 2021: events of the second stage of the Congress

March 2, 2021: Science Tournament

March 3, 2021: Business Project Competition

March 4, 2021: "The Science Wars" Debates

Applications deadline (all events) : February 20, 2021.

Fill in the following documents to apply:
Application form for the first qualifying stage.docx
Page form to the program of the second stage.docx
Poster requirements. Scientific Ideas Tournament 2021.pdf
Application form for Business Project Competition.docx
Application form for Science Tournament.docx
Page form to the program (Tournament and Competition).docx
Application form for "The Science Wars" Debates.docx
Page form to the program ("The Science Wars" Debates).docx
Event report form.docx

Scientific Events Organisation Office,
Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation
7(499) 270-4604