30 Декабря 2020

New Year at the Pre-University Training Faculty

On December 24-25, the Pre-University Training Faculty held open lessons dedicated to the celebration of New Year in Russia. As part of the activities, foreign students became acquainted with the traditions of Russian New Year celebrations. Students prepared New Year’s cards and shared congratulations and stories about the celebration in the country. In addition, students learned the history of the Christmas tree. The custom of dressing a tree has pagan roots, and since the Middle Ages it has been associated with Christmas. In Russia, Christmas trees are not Christmas trees, but New Year trees, which surprises a lot of foreigners. Not all of them know that this tradition is the result of a long struggle with religious holidays that began after 1917. The same applies to New Year’s Eve gifts, which are not to be given on Christmas, but on the night of 31 December to 1 January. If in the West Christmas is a family holiday, and New Year’s Eve is just a good reason to drink champagne and look at fireworks, then in Russia the celebration of the New Year acquires a “universal” scale.